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Romanian Deadlift – Basic Tips to Avoid Injury


At first glance, it may seem that the Romanian deadlift is downright dangerous. But, RDL isn’t called the “King of Posterior Training” for nothing. When performed properly, RDL can help deliver maximum muscle strength and development (not to mention, perkier and rounder glutes), however, when done carelessly, you can definitely get prone to injuries and mishaps. And of course, we don’t want that to happen. 

As a matter of fact, we absolutely want you to reap all the benefits that RDL has to offer, that's why we are sharing with you four basic tips that you need to remember to ensure your safety. Here they are:

a guy deadlifting

Start the workout with a warm-up set

We all know that warming up plays a crucial role in any type of exercise, and the same is true when doing big compound lifts like the RDL. 

Although there are different deadlift bars, start your warm-up set first with an empty straight bar and focus on the proper form. And then, after each set, you can increase the weight by at least 10 to 20% of the weight that you plan to lift in your main workout.

To stay injury-free, always remember that the heavier weights you plan to lift, the longer it takes to warm-up.

Use wrist wraps or lifting straps

wrist wraps

Unlike conventional deadlifts, your hands don't get a break between reps when performing the RDL – and that could be really exhausting. To avoid injuries from happening, we are recommending that lifters use quality wrist wraps & lifting straps during the workout. These weightlifting accessories are so handy because they provide you with additional support when lifting weights. 

Apart from using the right accessories, using the right deadlift grip can also help you lift more and perform better.

Wear the right shoes

a guy deadlifting

Wearing the right shoes also has a huge impact on reducing the risk of injury when performing the RDL. Weightlifting shoes are specifically designed with powerlifters and weightlifters in mind. A good weightlifting shoe gives the wearing a stable surface to support and balance heavy loads and it also provides good grip so there is no chance of slipping during a lift.

The right weightlifting shoes do not just keep you safe, it also improves your overall performance when doing squats and deadlift. 

Follow the proper form

A lot of people tend to forget the importance of following the proper form when performing the RDL. Remember that the proper form does not just help avoid the risk of injuries and accidents, it also allows you to maximize the benefits of deadlift. So make sure to stick with the proper form. Additionally, avoid these common mistakes like performing RDL with straight legs, using too much weight, twisting your neck, and using mixed grip. 

Although there have been a series of debates which is the best variation of the deadlift (conventional vs. Romanian vs. rack deadlift), RDL is absolutely the best deadlift form. After all, it’s the king of posterior training. It's even considered as the perfect workout for runners as it improves your quadriceps' strength.  Talk about versatility!

Happy lifting!

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