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The Importance of Weightlifting Belts – Should You Use Them?


Want to up your weightlifting game? If that’s the case, then you should consider using a weightlifting belt. This fitness accessory is an underrated gym staple that can help improve your lifting capacity by providing support and enhancing strength.

And contrary to the opinion of others, this amazing weightlifting accessory is not just for beginner weightlifting routines. It’s highly recommended for full-body weightlifting workouts like deadlifts as well.

Today, we want to share with you guys the importance of using these lifting belts and the benefits of wearing them. Read everything you need to know below:

The Myth About Lifting Belts

You might have read or heard somewhere about “experts” claiming that weightlifting belts are not helpful at all, but guess what? These are just erroneous claims that have been disproved by several studies. As a matter of fact, the National Strength and Conditioning Association has pointed out the advantage of using a weightlifting belt during strenuous weightlifting.

Research has shown that wearing these belts also increases core development and stability.

Here are the top three reasons why using a weightlifting belt is important, especially when lifting heavy loads:


It increases intra-abdominal pressure

Wearing a weightlifting belt increases intra-abdominal pressure, which helps stabilize the spine when lifting heavy loads. Stability is a crucial aspect when lifting, as it ensures that the lumbar spine is protected against injuries.

Using lifting belts is especially important when doing deadlifts and squats. Studies have already confirmed that intra-abdominal pressure is increased by up to 40% by simply wearing this belt.


It helps enhance your body's biomechanics.

Another reason why a lifting belt is vital is that it enhances the body's biomechanics. Using it when lifting forces, you to use more strength from your legs, not your back, which, of course, is the ideal biomechanical position when lifting from the ground.


It makes your performance better

Above all, wearing a belt increases your strength, power, and even muscle growth. Plus, it also lowers the risk of injuries, making it more effective for you to be able to focus more on your performance.

Not yet convinced? Well, why don't you give weightlifting belts a try and see for yourself why we’re recommending them?

And when it comes to choosing lifting belts, Nordic Lifting is definitely the best! They’re the perfect choice for CrossFit and powerlifting, so get yours now!

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