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Are Dumbbells Worth It: Essential Things You Need to Know

What is a dumbbell? It is among the most popular and most used handheld weights among gym goers because, not only are they versatile, but they are also budget friendly. If you are into free weights, you might be one of those people who loves dumbbells among their home gym tools.

Dumbbells are effective pieces of gym equipment specifically used for weight training. You can use them alone or in pairs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and these features distinguish them from a variety of available dumbbells on the market. They are typically made of plastic, cast iron, or rubber.

Dumbbells made of plastic are less expensive than other types of dumbbells, while cast iron is the oldest and most traditional material used in manufacturing dumbbells. Last but not least, are rubber dumbbells, which are waterproof, flexible, and safe to use.

A man uses Nordic Lifting's Prism Dumbbell while working out

Types of Dumbbells

There are a variety of dumbbell types that you can choose from according to your needs. The commercial-used dumbbells are the standard type you can find mostly at your favorite gym. To avoid excessive dropping of weights, most commercial gyms prefer to use rubber dumbbells. 

On the other hand, adjustable dumbbells are ideal for home gym use. Adjustable dumbbells are the most cost-effective and practical type of dumbbell. This is a great option if you only have a small amount of space to store gym equipment. They are available in a variety of materials, including metal with clamps or screw ends, and plastic.

Using the Correct Weight of Dumbbells

What is a good dumbbell weight? They range in weight from 1/2 pound to approximately 50 pounds. If you are a beginner with no prior experience with dumbbells, it is best to begin with a lighter weight and gradually increase it over time according to your ability. You can begin with as little as 3 pounds, or slightly more than 10 pounds. Your choice of weight will depend on your personal preferences.     

You need a dumbbell weight that will challenge you if you want to build muscle. The weight of the dumbbells will vary depending on the exercise you perform with them. It is ideal to have a set that will meet all of your workout requirements.

Why Use Dumbbells?

They aid in weight loss.

One of the most significant advantages of working out with dumbbells regularly is their fat-burning capability. So, if your goal of working out is to lose weight, this free weight tool can be a great addition to your gym tools.

They are easier and safer to use.

Your wrists and hands are positioned naturally and comfortably when you workout using dumbbells. They tend to be relaxed compared to when using other free weights such as barbells. Dumbbell workouts are also elbow and shoulder-friendly, and they are also injury and risk-free tools.

They are easy to store and are portable.

Dumbbells are excellent gym tools for home-trainers with limited space. If you are planning to build your own home gym, a set of dumbbells is a perfect way to start things up. You can easily put them inside a cabinet or under your furniture after using them. You can also take them to your office without having to worry about how to carry them around.

They are ideal for beginners.

Dumbbells can be used by anyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced gym goer. If you are looking for a lighter weight to start your strength training with, dumbbells are the ideal exercise equipment for you.

They increase muscle activation and stability.

One of the greatest benefits you can get from using dumbbells is increased muscle activation and greater stabilization. Using dumbbells requires more stability, thus activating more muscle fibers.

A woman holding the Nordic Lifrting's Prism Dumbbell

Some of the Easiest Dumbbell Workouts

If you are looking for some easy and simple workouts you can use dumbbells for, here are some of them to start you off.

Bench Press

As I mentioned earlier, dumbbells typically have a greater range of motion than barbells. This allows you to build even more pectoral strength, tone your triceps, and work your shoulder muscles.     

  • Lie down on a bench, holding a dumbbell in each of your hands.
  • Maintain a bent arm to the side of each shoulder with your palms facing up.
  • Press the weights above your chest as you extend your elbows.
  • As your arms are straight above your chest.
  • Lower the weights to just above shoulder level, lowering with control.
  • Do 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps each, with 90 to 120 seconds of rest in between.

Shoulder Press

This popular dumbbell exercise adheres to the importance of having strong shoulders. It primarily targets two areas of the deltoids, but it also targets the trapezius, triceps, and rotator cuff muscles.

  • While standing upright, hold a pair of dumbbells in each of your hands.
  • The dumbbells should be about shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your arms slightly as your palms face your body.
  • As you ascend, twist your wrists so that your palms are facing forward by the time you reach the top.
  • Straighten your arms by lifting the weights directly over your shoulders.
  • As you go lower, repeat 6 to 10 reps for 3 to 4 sets with 90 to 120 seconds between sets.

Calf Raise

Calf raise workouts are excellent for strengthening your calves. Your calves are important for mobility and stability, so it's a great idea to include dumbbell exercises that target the area. 

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand as you stand upright.
  • Maintain a shoulder-width distance between your feet.
  • Keep your arms straight and below your shoulders.
  • Raise both feet until you're on your toes.
  • You should be able to feel the tension in your lower legs.
  • Rep the process 12 to 15 times for 1 to 2 sets, with 90 to 120 seconds in between sets.

Key Takeaway

Dumbbells are not only excellent for beginners; they are also an excellent option for those who are suffering from injuries, as they will not overstress your body. Aside from that, they are also ideal for older adults as they are easier on their joints and safer to perform.

Considering the fact that dumbbells are portable, versatile, and affordable, they are great options for your home gym. If you are into free weights and love using dumbbells all the time, you might want to try the new and stylish prism dumbbell from Nordic Lifting to incorporate into your strength workout.

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