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Powerlifting Shoes

“So glad I decided to invest in these. They provide a much sturdier platform than running shoes and are more comfortable than flat court shoes for lifting. I love the angle for squats or any leg pressing movements. I'm hooked. My lifting partner bought some 400 USD lifting shoes and these are just as good for way less.”


- 5

Ankle / Wrist Weights

"Excellent quality - I can see why these have been rated so highly by others. I found that while many similar weights available on Amazon are comparably priced, these are of exceptional quality. The construction and in particular the Velcro closures are really Heavy Duty, which suggests they will hold up well for repeated, heavy use. The product support offered by Nordic Lifting is also top notch, which makes these a very smart buy indeed!"


- 5

Elbow Compression Sleeves

"I have had continuing issues with my elbow on and off for over 5 years now. As someone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, I am desperately in need of something that will help alleviate some of the issues I have with my joints. To my joy, this sleeve has alleviated the issues with my elbow. I would do my curls and tricep extensions and feel issues with my elbow including clicking and general joint pain. Wearing the sleeve has prevented that for me entirely. I can honestly say this was a godsend for me. I'm sure other brands will work as well, but this is the one I'm using and I'm quite satisfied."


- 5

Spiky Foam Roller

“It took me a little while to enjoy this foam roller, at least while doing it. The first few days it was pretty painful as I have extremely tense muscles and fibromyalgia. Starting day one, however, I could feel a noticeable difference after rolling on it for a bit. I use it every night. I've worked up my tolerance to using it and try to work my back/leg/hip muscles for 5 minutes. My muscles are significantly less tense after using it and my pain is less intense. Don't let the first few days turn you away! One of the best investments I've made for my chronic pain and tension.”


- 5

Knee Sleeves

“I have been using these knee sleeves for only a week now, and they are making a big difference in my barbell squats. Prior to using these knee sleeves, going to parallel was nearly impossible due to knee problems that I have from prior injury. With the Nordic Lifting knee sleeves, I have been able to go to parallel and even slightly below during barbell squats, making the exercise more effective. They are very well made and fit comfortably. I am very happy with these knee sleeves and would highly recommend them.”


- 5

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