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The Best Set of Exercises for a Toned Back

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Another goal that we surely want to attain this 2020 is a toned and well-defined back. And because we at Nordic Lifting want to be part of your fitness journey not just by providing you the best fitness gears and equipment, we've compiled four of the most proven exercises that target the back. Make sure to add this to your fitness routine if you want to see the result ASAP!

Barbell Deadlift


First on the list, barbell deadlift. 

The reason why it's the perfect routine for a toned back is because it hits the body's posterior chain (down to your calves and up to your traps. And not just that, it's also effective for overall backside development.

However, before you go down and start deadlifting, be sure to remember that applying a thorough technique is important for you to not get hurt and reap the benefits that this exercise has to offer. 

Tip from a fitness expert: It's better to use conventional deadlift when exercising the back since it's the most ideal compared to other types of deadlift.


pull up

Pull-up exercises are highly recommended by trainers and fitness guru if you badly want to have a V-shape physique since it targets the lats directly. The pull up is considered as one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the back muscles. 

Tip from a fitness expert: The best way to improve with your pull-ups is by consistently practicing them. The more you do pull-ups, the more efficient your neuromuscular system becomes. And that only means that the movement becomes a permanent feature in your body and brain.

Standing T-Bar Row

standing t-bar row

Since this type of exercise allows you to pile on much more weight, the standing T-bar row is considered as the ultimate back exercise. It's the most ideal exercise as well for building explosive power and strength since it allows you to pull the weight explosively for the concentric before slowly controlling the negative for a deep stretch.

Tip from a fitness expert: Since this exercise is not a squat, always remember to keep your legs locked in a bent angle while doing the entire set. Doing a wider grip will work the lats while doing a neutral grip will target the middle back.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row 

single arm dumbbell row

Last, but not the least, the single-arm dumbbell row is an effective unilateral exercise that allows you to move an explosive amount of weight. When doing the single-arm row, the lats are being engaged and the entire back, arms, and shoulder. It's a simple exercise but it is the perfect routine for having a well-defined V-shaped physique.

Now, what are you waiting for? Do what you gotta do to gain that coveted back, and we'll be here to cheer you on!

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