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How to Lose Weight and Still Have Fun

how to lose weight

How do you lose weight and enjoy the journey?

Most people would say, “You don’t.” This type of mindset is common since losing weight is usually tied to the word “boring.” The thing is, working out doesn’t have to be a drag, and eating healthy doesn’t have to feel like suffering.

Check out these short and very simple tips on how to lose weight and have fun:

Create a fun playlist – It’s time to update and personalize your song choices! Are you feeling extra pumped up today? Add music as you workout, and you’ll realize that you were really meant to be an actor. (LOL!)

Reward yourself for meeting milestones - No, we don’t mean chowing down a double patty burger with large fries on the side. Grab a few things from your favorite store or spend a day at the spa! You’ll feel even more motivated afterwards.

Don’t limit yourself by just going to the gym – How about working out in the comfort of your own home? Or maybe even in a park nearby! Changing up your environment makes it all less boring.

Go with a friend or a group – It’s not for everyone, especially when workout time is “me time,” but it is something to consider. Bonus: Have a friendly competition with them! It’s a great way to challenge each other and reach goals together.

Go hiking or join marathons together – These are fun activities that’ll give you the workout and quality time you need with your group. Most of all, hiking can lead you to the most beautiful views and marathons can lead you to the finish line (which is an overwhelming sense of fulfillment.)

Or just ride a bike to places – Not only does this save money, but it’ll also be a quicker if there's traffic!

Play your favorite sports – Were you a basketball player during your younger years? Maybe it’s time to revisit old sports you played when you were in middle school. It’s never too late to pick it up again, or maybe even try a new one if you haven’t.

Enjoy in the kitchen – If you’re going to start making your own meals to control what you’re eating, you might as well experiment and have fun in the kitchen.

Don’t follow a routine all the time – Don’t have the same pattern every day. Don’t make your workouts a pattern. You’ll start to dread the routine, and it’ll tire you out faster. Try to mix things up every day and try something new.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – If you don’t know already, HIIT is simply a quick workout technique composed of intense bursts of exercise followed by recovery periods. Each workout varies, so there’s no way you’d get bored of doing the same thing over and over again!

Don’t STRESS out too much when counting calories – Take note; this is really important! Focusing too much on counting calories and hating yourself for going a bit over the maximum intake will only make losing weight a burden. Not to mention, you’ll go crazy trying to keep track of it.

Take pictures and don’t go on the scale – Take pictures every 3–4 weeks to track your progress. The scale isn’t your best friend. You could be progressing on your fitness journey, but the scale will tell otherwise by showing higher numbers because muscle is heavier than fat.

Make it a journey, not just a one-stop destination – It’s not just because you’re going to have a beach trip next month and you need that body back. Do it because you’re committed and because your lifestyle needs a shift.

Easier said than done, right? But it’s not impossible. Try it, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the ride to a healthier, fitter you.

How do you lose weight and have fun at the same time?

Send us your photos, we’d love to see how your fitness journey is going!

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