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Top 10 Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Are you a fitness buff even before you get pregnant? Do you miss sweating your heart out at your favorite gym? Fret no more, because there are pregnancy workouts that you can try, and they are actually safe for you and your baby. 

When you are expecting, being healthy is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. When you do this, you are not only taking good care of yourself but also of the unborn angel inside your tummy. You eat nutritious foods, take prenatal vitamins, drink milk for pregnant women, and most especially, you see your doctor on a regular basis for a check-up and monitoring. 

Safe pregnancy workouts can benefit you in many ways. Aside from the fact that this activity is a great way to stay fit even while you are pregnant, it also prepares your body for the upcoming labor exhaustion. It especially reduces the possibility of complications on your delivery date. Remember, a healthy mommy means a healthy baby, right?

A group of pregnant women in sportswear doing yoga

Benefits of a Fit Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy can provide numerous benefits, both during pregnancy and after giving birth. Prenatal workouts can help you with a variety of things, including reducing pain and avoiding complications on your delivery day.

  • It is normal to feel some uneasiness and pain as your body adjusts due to hormonal changes as your baby grows inside you. These exercises will eventually relieve your back pain and swelling.
  • Even if you are not pregnant, exercising can boost your energy and put you in a good mood throughout the day. This is especially beneficial for pregnant women who are constantly irritated and troubled.
  • One of the hardest things to do when you are pregnant is have a good night's sleep, especially if your body is still adjusting. A pregnancy workout will help you sleep better since it keeps your body in good condition.
  • Pregnant women crave more food and tend to give in to their indulgences. This is the main reason why a lot of them gain weight during pregnancy. However, if you remain active and do some exercise while pregnant. This will keep you from gaining excess weight.
  • Pregnancy workouts will help prepare your body for labor and delivery. It will also lower your risk of eclampsia and your chances of having a C-section. 
  • Last but not least, these exercises will maintain your physical and mental health as you go through different stages of your pregnancy. One of the most significant benefits of a pregnancy workout is that it keeps you and your baby fit and healthy.

Pregnancy Workouts

Prenatal Yoga

  • Pregnancy yoga is a popular form of exercise for pregnant women. You can find low-intensity and low-stress yoga videos online, or you can enroll in yoga classes that are conducting modified yoga sessions for pregnant women.


  • Pilates is another low-impact pregnancy workout that is beneficial to both your physical and mental health. This workout, like prenatal yoga, teaches you proper breathing techniques in preparation for your labor and delivery date.


  • Walking is the most basic, safest, and most relaxing exercise for pregnant women. If you are not a gym rat or not fond of exercising, this is probably your best ally. Going for a walk and getting some morning sunlight can also provide you with benefits that will help you during your pregnancy. Wear your most comfortable shoes and walk around your neighborhood.


  • Jogging might be an excellent pregnancy workout for women who were already fitness-conscious prior to their pregnancy. If your attending doctor gives you permission and the workout routines are safe for you and your baby, you can still enjoy some high-intensity cardio workouts.

Stationary Bike

  • A stationary bike is a great option for pregnant women looking for a safe and enjoyable workout. This is also great for beginners, as long as you start with shorter routines and take precautions like not standing while doing the workout.


  • This might look unsafe if you lift weights during pregnancy, but resistance training is actually safe if you use the proper weight size for you. Resistance training under professional supervision is highly recommended to ensure proper training and appropriate sizing for pregnant women.


  • Aside from walking, dancing is regarded as one of the safest exercises for expectant mothers. If you've never danced before and want to take a Zumba class while pregnant, consult your dance instructor first and discuss how you will be able to work out without requiring you to move that much. 


  • Low-impact aerobics is an excellent prenatal workout. As your labor and delivery date approaches, gradually decreasing your aerobic intensity is ideal to avoid overworking your body.

Kegel Exercise

  • One of the most beneficial pregnancy workouts for expecting mothers is Kegel exercise. The primary goal of this exercise is to contract the pelvic floor muscles several times throughout the day. It strengthens not only the muscles in your pelvic floor but also those in your vagina, bladder, anal sphincter, and uterus.


  • Do you enjoy water and have been into swimming prior to your pregnancy? You might want to try swimming or water aerobics. If you are concerned about tripping or other accidents while performing the aforementioned exercises, you should probably try them as a pregnancy workout. Water exercises are regarded as one of the most effective pregnancy workouts because they can relieve muscular and skeletal strains caused by pregnancy.

A pregnant woman in sportswear uses an exercise machine

Other Healthy Things to Do During Pregnancy

Working out isn't the only way to stay healthy during pregnancy. There are additional factors that can help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Other things to do while pregnant include:

  1. Keep a healthy and well-balanced diet. Make sure you have enough calcium and protein intake for you and your baby.
  2. Take the recommended prenatal supplements. This is especially important because you are not the only one who needs lots of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Spend more time with your partner. Enjoy the pleasure of sex; it is safe unless your doctor advises you otherwise.
  4. Pamper yourself once in a while by scheduling some me time. This will keep you from becoming stressed as a result of your pregnancy.
  5. Relax by admiring the beauty of nature while reading your favorite books.
  6. Visit your doctor as scheduled. This will keep you and your baby in the best possible health while you wait for your delivery day. 

Key Takeaway

Pregnancy may appear to be the ideal time to just sit back and relax but think again. 

Pregnant women are now encouraged to do pregnancy workouts such as yoga, walking, and other low-impact activities that are safe and that do not require a lot of force.

You have decided to engage yourself in these exercises because they can help you stay in shape while pregnant and prepare for labor and delivery. The most important aspect of these prenatal workouts is that they keep you and your baby healthy and fit, which is essential before and after pregnancy.

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