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Mental Health Benefits of Lifting Weights


Did you guys know that there’s more to lifting weights than just building muscles? Yes, you read that right! Research has shown that yoga isn’t the only exercise that can improve our mental state and overall wellbeing. It turns out that lifting weights offers not just physical benefits but also psychological benefits. Here are some of them:

1. It improves our mood     

man lifting two dumbbells in a park

Researchers found out that strength training improved symptoms of depression after analyzing the results of 33 experiments. What’s even more interesting is that those with mild to moderate symptoms of depression have larger improvements, according to Brett Gordon, the lead author of the study.1

It’s also worth noting that the number of times we lift weights on a weekly basis doesn’t matter. Everyone who pumps those irons will benefit from its mood-enhancing effects regardless of how much or little strength is gained from it.                   

2. It makes us less anxious.            

woman lifting a barbell in a gym

Another study revealed that this activity is a very effective way to manage anxiety symptoms. Scientists from the University of Georgia assigned a group of women with general anxiety disorder into three groups: aerobic exercise, resistance training, and the control group. 

Although there’s a reduction of symptoms from the other groups, the resistance training group had significantly lower symptoms of anxiety overall.2 This goes to show that lifting weights is something that we can all benefit from with or without symptoms of anxiety. 

3. It makes us more confident.

muscle man smilling

Research has shown that lifting weights helps build one’s confidence.3  It doesn’t only make us stronger but also improves our physique. There’s a saying that when we look good, we feel good, and that confidence will come out once we start seeing results and notice positive changes along the way.

4. It gives us mental clarity.

man resting from a workout in a gym

Ever had those awful days when your thoughts were clouded and cluttered? It sucks, right? A great way to deal with and clear up brain fog is through strength training. When we’re feeling stressed out, we tend to space out a lot, and that’s not a good thing.      

Strength training can definitely help release the tensions and clear our heads, as feel-good hormones called “endorphins” are released after this wonderful physical activity. You may even be able to achieve a runner’s high depending on how hard you lift, according to Astrid Swan, a celebrity trainer, during an interview with 

We live in a day and age where it’s easy to get caught up in things and zone out of reality. Don’t be that guy or girl who will resort to unhealthy ways just to deal with stress. Be good to yourself and deal with stress the healthy way, and with strength and resistance training, you can absolutely do that!  




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