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Yoga and Its Benefits That Are Backed by Science

Yoga is arguably one of the most popular exercises ever. This ancient form of exercise focuses on a person's breathing, strength, and flexibility to promote physical and mental health. And while this exercise already has a huge following in all parts of the world, yoga becomes even extremely popular and helpful during the period of lockdown. With gyms and fitness centers mandated to close and mass gatherings prohibited, yoga becomes the ideal exercise since it doesn't require anything except your body and total mind concentration. Not to mention that yoga promotes calmness, which we definitely needed during the time of uncertainty and amidst the growing crisis brought by the pandemic.

Today, we will share with you four benefits of yoga that are backed by Science to encourage you to give this mind and body exercise a go:

Yoga Can Improve Heart Health

According to studies yoga can help improve one's heart health and reduce risk factors for heart diseases. One particular study has concluded from their research that participants over 40 years old who practiced yoga for at least five years had a pulse rate and blood pressure compared to those who didn't. Another study has found out that by completing changing their lifestyle and doing one year of yoga training, 113 heart disease patients saw a 23% decrease in their total cholesterol and a 2% reduction in "bad" LDL cholesterol.

Yoga Can Combat Depression

Yoga doesn't just benefit the body, it also improves the mind. Several studies have concluded that yoga has an antidepressant effect that could help decrease symptoms of depression by decreasing levels of cortisol. Since cortisol influences serotonin levels, the neurotransmitter that is often linked with depression, symptoms of depression are decreased.

In one study, alcohol-dependent participants practice a yoga type focusing on rhythmic breathing, and after two weeks, they had fewer depression symptoms, lower levels of cortisol, and even lower levels of ACTH - the hormone which stimulates the release of cortisol.

Yoga Promotes Better Sleep Quality

Poor sleep quality can lead to numerous health problems including high blood and anxiety; it has also been associated with obesity. A study conducted in 2005 where 69 elderly participants were assigned to either drink herbal tea, practice yoga, or be part of the control group and the result revealed that the participants who practiced yoga slept faster and longer, and felt more rested than the two other groups.

Yoga Relieves Migraine

If you are suffering from migraines, then you might consider practicing yoga as it has been proven to be useful in reducing headache intensity and even frequency. While migraines are usually treated with medications to relieve symptoms, a 2007 study has revealed that practicing yoga can help stimulate the vagus nerve, which is effective in relieving severe headaches.

See, there are so many cool things that you can experience by just doing yoga – and a better and healthier lifestyle is one of them. And once you are done with your yoga training, check these awesome battle ropes that are the perfect cardio equipment at home.

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