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Heart to Heart Talk: How to Take Care of Your Heart

We're not just celebrating Valentine's Day during February, we're also celebrating Heart Month Awareness –  an event that focuses on raising familiarity with cardiovascular health. Here at Nordic Lifting we also advocate a healthy lifestyle and so we want to share with you 4 tips that promote a healthy heart.

Be Physically Active

To keep your heart strong and healthy, you definitely need to exercise daily and be physically active. You have to do activities that can help burn calories. Not doing anything to burn them means higher LDL and triglycerides, both are not healthy for the heart.

There are three types of exercises that are ideal for improving the heart’s condition – resistance, aerobic, and flexibility so should focus on doing cardio workouts such walking, jogging, and running. As recommended, you sthould exercise at least 30 minutes daily, and if you don’t have enough time to go out or hit the gym, consider using Nordic Lifting’s newest mini stepper –  a compact stepper machine that you can easily utilize at home without taking much space.

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Eat a Healthy Diet

Keeping your heart healthy means you also need to choose your food meticulously. A healthy diet consists of different kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. It's also important to cut down salty foods, processed and canned goods, and even fast food. Among the foods that can help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure includes avocados, dark leafy greens, beets, oats, and low-fat dairy. 

Another thing that you can do to promote a healthier diet is by looking for an alternative flavoring instead of salts such as lemon, various herbs and spices, and even a bit of vinegar.

Get Enough Sleep

When you are not getting enough sleep, you are at a higher risk for coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Regardless of a person's age, weight, exercise habit, or whether he/she is a smoker, not getting quality sleep can affect your blood pressure and change the way your body functions. Too much sleep harms the heart as well. The recommended sleeping hours is 9 hours so make sure to always get quality sleep

Manage Stress Properly

With plenty of tasks and responsibilities that we need to accomplish, stress is inevitable. But just because stressors are present everywhere doesn’t mean that we should just tolerate it. There are a lot of ways on how one can manage stress, and one of that is  by doing yoga at least 30 minutes a day or by doing breathing exercise. There are plenty of tips for stress management and doing them won't just help you keep anxiety in check but it can also improve your heart's condition.

Take good care of your heart, you only have one. Make sure to practice all these tips we’ve mentioned above to ensure that you have a healthy heart.

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