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Have you ever experienced being in a movie theater, peacefully watching the movie you paid for then someone suddenly takes their phone out and starts texting? (Not to mention, the brightness is on max. Geez!) You’re distracted at the light coming from their phone and you think, “So inconsiderate, someone please tell this guy something!”


Well just like in the movie theater, there’s also a code of conduct in the gym. We took the time to compile the basic dos and don’ts that we could all probably agree on. Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or a newbie, just follow these pointers and you’re guaranteed to achieve a fulfilling workout!



1. Dress appropriately – while you’ll rock those denim shorts at the mall or at a coffee date, the gym might be the wrong place to have them on. It also contributes to your comfort. You see those gym-goers on Instagram rocking their leggings or whatever activewear it is they prefer for a reason. Those definitely improve your performance by ensuring you stay comfortable while you let the beast out. Plus, you get to look like a beauty while you’re at it. Make sure you dress comfortably and properly!

2. Observe proper hygiene­ – we suggest you wear a deodorant to avoid unpleasant odor when you’re soaked with sweat. This also includes bringing a towel for yourself and for the equipment you use. How would you feel wiping someone else’s sweat off the bench press? Don’t forget to look after yourself!

3. Return the equipment (and put them down slowly) – not only is this a safety hazard, but it’s also really annoying to hear weights being dropped to the ground. I mean how hard is it to properly return things where you got them from? Keep the gym tidy and safe for everyone.

4. Minimise phone usage, calls, texts and selfies – there’s really no need to update your Instagram story as you workout and there’s probably a better time to call your friend about what happened earlier. You didn’t pay to use your phone at the gym, so try to leave it in your bag and...

5. FOCUS! You’re only there for an hour or two so try to make the most of your workout. This one actually benefits you more than it does for others so keep your head in it while you’re at it.



1. Hog the equipment – when you’re in between sets, don’t just sit there. If you see someone standing by, let them use the it first. Avoid setting weights aside and not using them right away. You’re not going to run out of equipment, don’t worry!

2. Make loud and unnecessary noises – unless you’re Tarzan, don’t even. Try your best to keep the exaggerated grunting and panting to yourself and save others the annoyance. But of course, if you are trying to break your personal record and you feel the need to let out that beastly grunt as you just upped your weight, feel free to do so. (And congratulations on hitting a new PR!

3. Stare or get too close – whether you’re at the gym or not, it’s always rude to stare. Respect people’s space and keep a good amount of distance for comfort and safety, especially when equipment is being used.

4. Leave your stuff lying around – there’s a locker room for a reason so you shouldn’t be carrying and leaving your bag just anywhere. Keep your water bottle and towel as close to you as possible to avoid people tripping over them.

5. Offer unsolicited advice – this has got to be one of the most important points that not everyone is aware of. Yes, you’ve got good intentions but unless they asked for it and you really know what you’re saying, avoid getting in another’s business. Worst case would be offending them instead of helping and you don’t want that.

So there are just the basics but as long as you keep all of them in mind, you’re sure to have a good time at the gym! Plus, we’re glad you got a few pointers here first before someone else calls you out. Remember, proper behavior doesn’t stop there so always remind yourself to be aware of others around you.