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You’ve probably encountered a few gym peeps in person and seen a few photos online of people with big upper bodies with chicken legs. These people have been focusing more on upper body training and taking their lower body workouts for granted. If you don’t want to be like them then you need to prioritize your lower body development as well. Aside from not skipping leg day, here are other leg workout tips that we recommend to fix/avoid chicken legs:                                                                                                                        

1. Focus on your form


One of the first things that you need to take into consideration is your form. You have to work on perfecting it no matter how light your workouts will be. If don’t have the proper form then it will be harder for you to nail your workouts as you increase your weights on the bar. It’s better to perfect it while your workouts are still light so you’ll have more confidence when you decide to take things up a notch.     

2. Develop your glutes  

Our glutes are a very important muscle group, not just because it’s the biggest muscle group in our bodies but due to the fact that they help and drive different movements by our lower bodies. If you want your lower body to pop out and be not hard to ignore then developing this muscle group is essential. The best exercises for building strong, supportive glutes are barbell hip thrusts, different deadlift variations such as sumo deadlift, rack pull, etc., as well as a variety of squat variations from sumo squats up to box squats. Don’t forget to incorporate single-leg work too such as revenge lunges to help increase leg size growth and elicit additional strength gains.     

3. Pay attention to your outer quad sweep and calves

Aside from glutes, the other essential muscles needed for bigger legs are calves and outer quad sweep. These lower-body muscles will also add size and strength to your legs. The former is the outside/meaty part of the quad that sticks out while the latter is part of the outer extremities of the lower body.

You can develop the former by doing leg presses and squats and making sure your heels are close to each other, while the latter can be transformed by doing seated calf and standing calf raise variations among others.                 

4. Increase calorie intake


You won’t be able to grow your body if you are not eating enough calories to nourish it. Always be mindful of what you eat because not every food you see is good for you. Just because you need to increase your calorie intake, doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. The important aspect to consider here is to eat more food from clean and high-quality sources while taking your macronutrient ratio into account. 

5. Go all out and be more aggressive

Your legs are a complex body part made up of a variety of small and large muscle groups so you really need to go all out with your leg day workouts in order to see results. Don’t do things half-heartedly and maximize every leg exercise that you do as much as you can.  


If you have to do squats then you have to go deep to activate all those muscle fibers. Partial squat repetitions and other half-hearted attempts aren’t going to cut it, especially if you want enough intensity to make way for those leg gains you’ve been dreaming about.

When it comes to lower body workouts, the faster, the better. Building muscle is definitely easier when you have rapid weight lifting routine movements. Also, make sure your reps are controlled when hitting your legs.     


We’re all guilty at some point of focusing way too much on one aspect of our lives that we tend to overlook other areas. The same case can be applied to our workout routines, resulting in a body part not proportional enough to other parts.

If you have been neglecting the lower half of your body then it’s about time you focus and give it the attention that it deserves. These leg workouts tips above will help you transform your legs and prevent you from being considered in the chicken legs club.         








Reniel A.

Content Writer