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How to Get Pass a Weightlifting Plateau?


Everyone who trains knows exactly how frustrating hitting a weight training plateau can be. It can be disheartening because you may feel like your efforts are not paying off no matter how much work you put into your workouts, but fret not because there are solutions to address this problem. If you’re interested to know how you can turn things around for the better then keep reading this article as we get to the heart of this matter.          

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First things first. You have to figure out the root cause of this problem. Listen to your body and ask yourself questions. Have you fully recovered from an injury? Are you nailing the proper form? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you overtraining or undertraining yourself? Are you on top of your nutrition game or eating way too much or too little? Are your workouts too repetitive or you don’t stick to a routine long enough? Is your mind really at the gym or you’re just going through the motions? These are just some questions that you need to think about if you want to overcome your workout plateau.  

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Once you’ve asked yourself and assessed the factors that might be causing your plateau, slowly address these issues a few at a time and take it from there. Don’t make things complicated and overwhelm yourself by attempting to make drastic changes all at once. Never make too many workout adjustments and lifestyle changes to the point where you’ll confuse yourself and make it harder for you to pinpoint and precisely trace back what caused your weightlifting plateau in the first place. 

Doing it slowly but surely will help you get a better perspective on how things are progressing and help you determine whether or not these modifications made a gradual difference within a week or two. Slow and steady is really the best way to go especially if you want to identify and distinguish what worked and what didn’t worked for you.   

The thing is, there’s no quick plateau fix. But just remember that a plateau is not going to be the end of the world for you. Everyone goes through it at one point or another and it’s completely normal to feel upset and discouraged about it. What matters most is how you get back up and use this setback as a comeback to better yourself. There are others who will simply give up when they hit a plateau and make sure you’re not one of them.   

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