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Sauna Benefits After a Workout


You just finished crushing and killing your workout and the thought of going to a sauna suddenly hits you. You’re wondering if it’s a good idea to do so before hitting the shower but you’re not quite sure if you should go for it or not. Some of your gym buddies have tried it before but you’re still contemplating if it’s a good move for you.                                                 

So would it be beneficial and is it safe to go sauna bathing after your workouts? Keep reading this article to find out.


A few minutes is all it takes to feel better                 

If you haven’t had the chance to go to a sauna and experience its body rejuvenating benefits then you’re missing out! 

The health benefits of sauna bathing are plenty, and after an exhausting workout, there’s no better way to unwind your muscles by letting your body experience the persistent but gentle heat of this reinvigorating activity.  

One of the best things about immersing yourself in a sauna bath is that you don’t need to stay in it for too long to feel its benefits. All that tension and stress-inducing benefits from a deep, healthy sweat session can be achieved in just a few relaxing minutes. 

Not only will you emerge and come out calmer but you’ll also look better too. The heavy sweating induced during this activity has skin cleansing and purifying effects that positively impact not just your body glands but pores as well. 

After getting rid and flushing out impurities, chemicals and other accumulated toxins in your body, you’ll end up with healthier-looking and energized skin that’s less prone to breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads, etc.

Isn’t that awesome?

Apart from its relaxing and skin detoxing benefits, sauna bathing can also help improve your workout endurance. Research from a 2007 study revealed that the increased blood volume caused by being exposed to sauna heat was the factor responsible for improving the endurance among the participants of the said study. In addition to that, sauna heat exposure can also aid in lactic acid removal, which in turn can help you quickly recover after your tiring workouts.  

On top of all of that, did you know that sauna bathing can even strengthen your cardiac output? Yes, you read that right! As your body’s core temperature increases due to the sauna heat effect, the blood vessels under your skin dilate and this causes your heart rate to go up and then down below resting level after your sauna experience. 

These sudden changes don’t just help make your heart muscles stronger but let you experience an improvement with your cardiovascular regulatory system too. Now that’s something to look forward!   


These are just some of the wonderful benefits that sauna bathing after a workout has to offer. Do keep in mind to drink some water before going in to prevent dehydration. Also, remember that you can’t stay there for more than 30 minutes. Moderation is key here so it’s best to limit your stay to just 5-10 minutes when starting. You may decide to add more minutes as your body adapts and get the hang of feeling heated up. 

Another piece of advice that can help is to not to forget to listen to your body. If some people you know can do it 2-3 times a week and you don’t think you’re there yet then don’t! If you also start to become dizzy and feel like something is off even before your desired time then don’t hesitate to go out. Be kind to yourself during this experience. Always remember that what works for others may not always work for you! 


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