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12 Best Health and Fitness Inspirations

What motivates you to exercise? Do you have any fitness inspiration? This article will tackle some of the most inspiring health and fitness personalities that will help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.

These fitness influencers, who include personal trainers, fitness instructors, workout gurus, and professional athletes, can motivate you to increase your exercise, lose weight quickly, and come up with fresh exercise and diet ideas.

These well-known fitness personalities are gaining recognition via online platforms and social media, allowing you to learn from them at your most convenient time. They can provide you with the health and fitness motivation that you need to start.

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Health and Fitness Influencers

Here is a list of the best fitness and health inspirations who are pushing people all over the world to exercise to look good, feel good, and battle sickness.

JP Sears—The Wellness Satire King

  • JP Sears is an emotional healing coach who makes fun of wellness's most woo-woo qualities. With his spot-on parody of the popular video, “If Meat Eaters Behaved Like Vegans,” he shot to internet fame in May. 

Adriene Mishler—The YouTube Yogi

  • Adriene Mishler, an actress and a yoga guru, founded Yoga With Adriene. It is a YouTube program popular with both beginners and experts that has nearly 2 million subscribers. Her sequences are fluid and simple to follow, making them excellent for yogis of all abilities. She kicked off 2017 with "Revolution," a 31-day yoga video series in which she encourages viewers to practice every day.

Rich Froning—The CrossFit King

  • Rich Froning is a CrossFit legend and a four-time winner of the "Fittest Man on Earth." His web series, "What's Rich Doing?" is a CrossFit program for people of all fitness levels who wish to work out like Froning.

Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour—The Fit-Everything Gurus

  • Cofounded by Walters and Erin Whitehead, Fit Bottomed Girls went from a blog to a brand with offshoots for food and parents, a book (The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet), and a substantial social group (though now operated by Walters and Seymour). They produce content for women and men who want to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing their freedom.

Sophie Gray—The Feel-Good Social Media Maven

  • Even in today's world of Instagram empires, Gray's stands out. Maybe it's her unshakeable positivity or her commitment to prioritizing self-love over any diet or exercise plan. We were all in when Gray's organization, Way of Gray, announced a Self-Love Challenge in which thousands of women were invited to take small, everyday steps toward self-acceptance.

Jennifer Cohen—The Trendspotter

  • Jennifer Cohen is obsessed with finding workouts that can be done anywhere. The fitness expert's most recent book, Strong Is the New Skinny, goes beyond bodybuilding to push readers to become stronger physically, psychologically, and nutritionally. 

Sohee Lee—The Beauty and Beast

  • Sohee Lee is interested in serving as your virtual personal trainer. Lee is an amateur powerlifter and a licensed strength and conditioning specialist with a Stanford degree in human biology. She's also an inspiration as she was able to overcome an eight-year eating disorder after discovering weightlifting.

Adam Rosante—The Surfer-Slash-Trainer

  • Adam Rosante is an upbeat personal trainer who cares about individuals, not just athletes, and celebrities. He illustrates how leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle can be both pleasurable and economical. His pay-what-you-want exercise sessions, The People's Bootcamp, were sold out all year, and he gave out Super Smoothie Revolution, a new book of delicious, nutrient-packed smoothie recipes, at the end of 2016. 

Dalai Lama—The Spiritual Guru

  • The Dalai Lama's book, The Book of Joy, is about finding happiness and serenity in a changing, turbulent world, and its success indicates how many people pay attention when he speaks about mental and spiritual health.

Tony Gaskins Jr.—The Real Love Relationship Advisor

  • Tony Gaskins Jr., who has nearly 2 million Facebook admirers, understands how to motivate a large audience. As a former drug dealer turned motivational speaker, he has done numerous national tours, started his own life-coaching business, and authored over 20 books. His most recent book, The Dream Chaser: If You Don't Build Your Dream, Someone Will Hire You to Build Theirs, was released in late 2016. Gaskins hopes that his work will aid people in their relationships, businesses, and personal growth.

Chrissy Teigen—The Supermodel Foodie

  • Chrissy Teigen was one of the year's biggest proponents of body positivity, accepting her stretch marks and showing them off to her millions of Snapchat followers. When it comes to tearing down internet bullies, she's fearless, but when she talks about her newborn girl and her fertility issues, she's vulnerable. Cravings, Teigen's debut cookbook, was launched in February 2016, and while it isn't full of the world's healthiest dishes, it's apparent she has a healthy connection with food.

Steve Kamb—The Fitness-is-Fun Cultivator

  • Steve Kamb, who is on a mission to promote fitness through comics and superheroes, founded Nerd Fitness, a community of underdogs, misfits, and mutants who can't wait to help. Kamb provides intensive fitness plans, classes, and retreats, as well as free resources, to help his "rebellion" achieve its goals. It's like the X-Men Academy, but it's for actual people.
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Key Takeaway

Fitness motivation is just a small part of your whole journey to wellness, and it's probably the one we have the most trouble with when we first begin. Instead of letting your drive wane, think about what you desire for yourself, beyond weight loss and physical beauty.

People that exercise look for reasons to do it because they understand how beneficial it is to their lives. Consider what might make your life better, and you'll be inspired to keep going. Be inspired and try to be a fitness inspiration to others as well. 

I hope these health and fitness influencers will somehow motivate you to make the very big but important decision of your life—to start now and have a healthy lifestyle.

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