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All the Benefits of Using Kinesiology Tape During Workout

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All across the world, an enhanced community quarantine policy has been imposed as a way of containing the spread of COVID-19, which has now been identified by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic. And while we wait at home, it is very important to still exercise and meditate to help keep both your physical and mental health in good condition. (Check here for exercises you can do at home).

And to help you even more with your home workout, we want to share with you the benefits of using our Primetape - a high-quality kinesiology tape that is the perfect workout partner. 

So, what exactly does a kinesiology tape do, and why it's ideal when working out? Here's a list of benefits that you get to reap by using this wonder product:

It offers additional support to weak zones

One of the best benefits of using kinesiology tape is because it provides extra support to your joints and muscles that need it the most. And unlike athletic tapes that are usually needed to help recover muscles from overuse and injury but limits your movement, the kinesiology tape allows you to move normally. Several studies conducted show that using this tape can improve movement and enhance,

Another fact: For people suffering from Achilles tendonitis or IT band friction syndrome, our Primetape might help you.

It re-trains the muscle

Our primetape can re-educate or correct muscles that have gotten used to an unhealthy way of working or have lost their function. Taping can even correct posture of the neck and head, and according to a 2017 study, it can even help stroke patients improve how they walk.

And if you are asking how is this possible, well, according to physical therapists that may be because of the strange sensation of the tape on your skin that makes you more aware of how you move or stand.

It Enhances Your Performance

ICYD, athletes use kinesiology tape for them to achieve peak performance while also getting themselves protected against injury especially when competing for events. Runners use them when joining a marathon; placing the tape at the glutes as a way of helping the muscle work.

Additionally, taping can mitigate pain and swelling of muscle and is used sometimes to treat injured muscles.

Now that we’ve mentioned all the amazing benefits of our Primetape, we’re pretty sure that you agree on why we call it the perfect workout companion.


When not to tape:

And while kinesiology taping is recommended when working out, here are some instances when taping should not be used:

*When you are suffering from diabetes since you might not notice any reaction of your skin to the tape.

*When you have open wounds taping might lead to skin damage or even infection.

*When your skin is sensitive and you might get an allergic reaction from adhesives



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