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Tactical Fitness For Beginners

Are you up for some tactical fitness? Here’s an article for those who are planning to undergo tactical workouts any time soon.

Purposely, tactical fitness training is conducted to prepare your body for challenges outside the gym and for real-life situations that require physical strength and mental alertness.

Tactical fitness is a new category in the fitness world. If you are planning to be a police officer, firefighter, military, or Special Ops, then this fitness program is best for you. This fitness program gained so much popularity over time that some training associations conducted certified programs for tactical strength.

A man in sportswear doing physical fitness exercise

What is tactical fitness?

You will still make use of traditional and basic gym equipment, but this training is far different from your regular fitness workouts. 

Tactical fitness training prepares your body to handle life and death situations that include lifting, crawling, carrying, running, swimming, and other situations that need innovative and logical thinking.

Tactical fitness not only trains you to be physically fit but also helps you build a well-coordinated and good relationship with your buddy and the whole team as well.

A man in sportswear doing strength training exercise

How to get started?

Every one of us starts as a beginner. Even the most successful athletes once started as newbies before enjoying the limelight. So to be successful in your fitness goals, the best time to start is now.

If you are planning to serve in the military and are not yet in good shape, tactical fitness exercises will be the best option for both physical and mental preparations.

Starting at zero. You have to determine your strengths and weaknesses first and tend to focus on strengthening those weaknesses. Some tactical fitness training starts with performing push-ups, but at this point, you have to be more focused on your core strength and upper body strength than on performing pushups alone. 

Start slowly. The beginning might be the hardest, but it will all be worth it, believe me. As a beginner, burning out all the auxiliary muscles after mimicking all the exercises you want to perform will be your best option.

Master all the skills. In tactical fitness, having a healthy mind and body is not enough. You need to have other elements of fitness that you will need in real-life situations. These skills include flexibility and mobility, speed and endurance, vigor and power, old man’s grip, and other skills such as swimming and river crossing.

Most Popular Tactical Fitness Exercises

TRX Push-Ups

  • The TRX push-up is a hard-core exercise. Performing these push-ups is far more difficult than your usual push-ups. It targets your chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

Knee Push-Ups

  • The knee version is about 50% less body weight than the typical pushup. This works for your triceps, chest, and shoulders. 

Jumping Jacks

  • This exercise allows you to do full-body movements and is good for your lungs. Do this for 10 repetitions.


  • These tactical exercises can give you the strength to pull your body weight over walls and up ropes. This workout targets your biceps, grip, and upper body. 


  • The deadlift will improve your strength in lifting and carrying heavy gear and equipment. This exercise also works your legs, glutes, grip, and lower back.

Front Squat

  • The front squat targets your leg muscles and also helps in improving your lifting ability. This exercise is also a true leg workout and tends to be more useful than the back squat.


  • Planking is known as the king of isometric exercises. If you want an exercise that will target your entire core, a plank is the best exercise for your tactical fitness training. This exercise also challenges your spinal muscles, shoulder girdle, legs, and hips. 

Still don’t know how to start? Here are some guidelines for your tactical fitness home training.

Key Takeaways

You have to be physically and mentally fit to survive any tactical fitness exercise. There are several guides that you can follow to boost your immune system. This is a good start and will be a big help to you throughout your tactical fitness journey.

Tactical fitness is not your regular workout program; it is more about work and not just workouts. As a tactical athlete, you will tend to develop a good level of endurance, strength, and stamina that is vital to surviving.

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