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Staying Fit This Christmas Season

This year is undeniably a year like no other. We got to see the world turn upside down and a new norm has been introduced, changing the majority of our lifestyle  especially with our fitness routine. With gyms mandated to close during the early stage of the pandemic, and with restrictions easing only during November and December, weight gains have been a little out of control.

And here comes December, the festive month, when we are expected to gain more weight thanks to the overflowing food and booze in celebration of the Yuletide season, not to mention that with all the festivities happening, finding time to exercise becomes a lesser priority. 

But with perseverance, time management, and a few proven and tested fitness tips, you can absolutely stay fit this holiday season.

Read below and see for yourself how to avoid weight gains this Christmas.

Plan Your Fitness Activity Ahead

Planning ahead of time is the best way of ensuring that you don’t miss a workout in a day. And when it comes to planning, the best thing to do is to manage your time wisely and always prioritize exercising. For instance, if you are going on a trip this holiday season, you might want to check the nearest recreational park where you can walk or do your daily jog. You can also consider checking the gym and fitness center where you can work out (make sure to follow COVID guidelines in the locality).

Use Every Chance To Fit 

Getting into your regular fitness activities is necessary, but sometimes, you also have to be creative enough to squeeze exercises even when doing ordinary day-to-day tasks. Try walking as much as possible this holiday season. And instead of taking the elevator or the escalator, try using the stairs and walk an extra lap. Take this opportunity to walk instead of taking the car, especially if where you're going is just a walking distance. 

Other things that you can do include offering housework help that requires physical strength such as shoveling the snow, raking leaves, etc. Another smart thing to do this Yuletide season is to purchase ankle/wrist weights. This handy equipment allows you to do your routine but with added weights for you to carry around. 

Invest On Indoor Gym Equipment

Having gym equipment at home such as kettlebell, dumbbell, and even gymnastic rings make it more convenient for you to exercise without the need to leave at home. And you don’t have to buy the complete set-up just to be able to do a fitness routine, even if you are tight on budget, there’s plenty of exercises that don’t even require equipment, just body weights.

And above all, for you stay fit whatever the season is, you have to be committed enough to make your fitness goals your top priority

Enjoy the festive season!

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