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How to Wash Knee Sleeves?

How to wash knee sleeves? Always pay attention to your knee sleeve washing instructions. If you want to learn the step-by-step guide to washing them properly, this article is for you.

Putting a pair of knee sleeves in the washing machine

Sweat can be a breeding ground for bacteria to grow in your knee sleeves. If you're wondering how frequently you should wash your knee sleeves, the best answer is every three wears. You can machine wash them and let them air dry overnight. 

Remember to be strict enough to let them sit on a drying rack every time you use them. Drying them out will not only prevent the bacteria and mold from growing, but also prolong their life span. Let me give you these guidelines on how to wash knee sleeves properly.

The Proper Way to Wash Knee Sleeves

Machine Wash Guidelines

It is recommended to wash your knee sleeves separately from your other items to protect them from possible damage. Put them in a separate laundry bag and wash them on the shortest cycle possible. 

  • Read the knee sleeve tag for the machine wash instructions and look for some important details.
  • The correct water temperature, cycle setting, and drying directions should all be listed on the label. 
  • Knee sleeves should be washed in cold water with ordinary or mild detergent on a gentle cycle. The material of the sleeve may shrink if washed in hot water. 
  • Turn the knee pads inside out to remove the dirt that has gathered on the inside. This will also help to keep the sleeve's exterior color. 
  • After the cycle, do not twist the fabric; instead, gently squeeze it until there is no more water leaking from it. 
  • Allow them to air dry for up to 12 hours on a flat surface. 
  • To prevent damage to the fabric, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

Hand Wash Guidelines

When hand washing your knee sleeves, the key is to never use a powerful detergent and to use less than a teaspoon of mild detergent or baby shampoo. It will help in making the sleeves last longer.

  • Read the washing instructions carefully.
  • Make a mixture of warm water and mild laundry detergent and stir them thoroughly until the detergent is fully dissolved. 
  • Soak the knee sleeves in the solution and remove the dirt with your hands. Avoid using a brush because it could harm the fabric. 
  • Rinse by gently squeezing them until the water runs clear. 
  • A water sprayer would be a good option to rinse knee sleeves. 
  • Rinse the sleeves thoroughly to avoid soap residue that can damage the fabric over time.
  • Squeeze the sleeves gently to get rid of any excess water. 
  • Place them on a flat surface and allow them to air dry in a shaded area.
  • Buying extra knee sleeves as a backup pair is a good idea, as the sleeves take some time to dry.

Important Tip:

If your knee sleeves still stink after washing thoroughly with detergent, consider adding a half cup of baking soda to get rid of the bad smell. Or you can soak them in hot water with vinegar for a few minutes.