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Taking Care of Your Knee Sleeves – The How-to Guide


I'm pretty sure you've heard of knee sleeves. If you call yourself a fitness buff, it's impossible not to hear about them or even use them during workouts. After all, both knee sleeves and knee compression sleeves are among the most functional fitness accessories; that's why every hardcore gym rat loves them.

Why The Need to Wear Them?

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Whether you're already a competing powerlifter or a newbie gym-goer, wearing knee sleeves will optimize your performance. This product will also help reinforce weaker joints in the body, thus helping you to avoid pain and injury. 

Wearing knee sleeves doesn't just help reduce the risk of injuries and joint pain; they also improve blood circulation. Pretty cool, right?

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With this compression gear being super functional, it only makes sense to take extra good care of it. So, for this article, here are tips that will help you extend the wearability of your knee sleeves.

Fitness Gear Care and Hygiene

After using those sleeves at the gym, make sure to take them out of your gym bag as soon as you get home and dry them inside out. Don't leave them in your gym bag, or else they'll get smelly.          

If the smell of the sleeve does not disappear even after machine washing, consider putting them in the freezer in a Ziploc bag overnight. Doing this can kill the bacteria that are usually the source of the persistent odor.

To ensure that the materials remain sturdy, it's best to read the laundry guidelines on the sleeve (which are usually stated on the tag on the inner lining or included in the package). Of course, it's best to follow those guidelines to avoid ruining the quality of the product. 

During laundry time, you can either throw them in the washing machine or hand wash them. If you find it more convenient to just put them in the washing machine rather than using your hands, then go for it. 

When it comes to temperatures, choosing higher ones isn’t necessary. Just stick to the 40 C/warm program to keep it safe. After washing, air dry them rather than using a dryer since the heat stretches out their elastic properties. Also, don't make it a habit to stretch the fabric. Just keep it as is. 

Aside from taking extra care of your knee sleeves after using them and when washing them, it also pays to invest in a high-caliber product from a premium weightlifting brand for them to last longer. 

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A good pair of knee sleeves that’s not too expensive without compromising its quality is not hard to find these days. While there are already plenty of knee sleeves on the market today, it's highly recommended to choose wisely and purchase a good, high-end sleeve with thicker elastic bands and more fibers. 

Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves are among the most recognized compression gears today. They aren't just stylish looking; they also deliver the result that you are looking for.      

Being extra careful with how you handle your belongings (not just your compression gears) will help increase its lifespan and wearability. Whether it’s a CrossFit knee sleeve, a slingshot knee sleeve, or a powerlifting knee sleeve, the bottom line is, you have to take good care of them if you want them to last.
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