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How to Celebrate Juneteenth Healthily

Looking for the best ways to celebrate Juneteenth? There are several ways to celebrate this special holiday. 

I bet you may have heard of Juneteenth, but do you know what this occasion truly means? Juneteenth is also known as Juneteenth Independence Day, Freedom Day, and Emancipation Day. Juneteenth is a combination of the words "June" and "nineteenth."

Then what is Juneteenth? This is a holiday that commemorates African-American liberation and symbolizes the end of slavery in the United States. It is now an official holiday because of President Biden's signature on legislation designating June 19 as the anniversary of this liberation.


The Best Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth

There are a variety of ways to celebrate Juneteenth. Prior to the bill being passed into law, private businesses began to recognize the significance of Juneteenth by providing their employees with the day off to celebrate. This is a perfect way to celebrate the day with your family and friends. 

Enjoy the following unique and healthy ways to celebrate Juneteenth:

Attend an outdoor celebration.

Attending fun events is the more traditional way of celebrating Juneteenth. It is perfect for an outgoing person who loves social gatherings. But since the threat of the COVID-19 virus is still around the corner, it is highly recommended to do these activities outdoors. 

Outdoor activities typically include parades across the country to honor Black people, Miss Juneteenth pageants, and picnics. There are also activities that can test your fitness capabilities, such as racing and rodeos. Schools usually conduct essay-writing and poster-making contests in celebration of this holiday. 

Attend a fitness class.

Attending a fitness class means that you are not only caring for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Both of them play a crucial part in our overall well-being. In support of and in cooperation with the Juneteenth celebration, you can try out a new Black-owned fitness center. This way, you are able to help the community while burning some calories. Isn’t it a great way to celebrate this holiday healthily?

Support Black-owned businesses.

As I have mentioned, one of the best ways to celebrate Juneteenth meaningfully is to support businesses owned and operated by Black people. If you are a fitness buff, things like having a new gym membership or eating in a restaurant serving healthy foods are great options. But it doesn’t mean that you will only support them because of the celebration. You can always support them at any time and throughout the year. 

Take care of yourself.

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to be physically active. Aside from participating in physical activities like racing, parades, and attending fitness classes, there are still lots of healthy ways to celebrate Juneteenth inside and outside your home. You can try sparing yourself from social media, even just for a while. This is not only good for your mental health, but also a great way to rest your eyes and body from the harmful radiation of electronic devices you use while managing your social media accounts.

Celebrate at work.

People commemorate this special day in a variety of ways. They celebrate this at home, on the street, at school, and even at work. You can enjoy the day by decorating your workplace with a Juneteenth motif. You can organize a simple but festive celebration commemorating African-American history. Having fun at work, even for a short time, can prevent you from being burned out, thus giving you the capability to be more productive at work. 


Celebrate at home.

Celebrating the holiday at home is also a great way to commemorate Juneteenth. Decorate your home with a Juneteenth motif. Gather your family and friends. Prepare a special and healthy lunch or dinner for them. Talk about meaningful topics and thoughts about the holiday. 

Celebrate outside.

You can also have a picnic at the nearest park, and bring your bicycles with you and have some joy rides with your siblings and friends. Are you concerned about the high carbohydrate content of your breakfast and lunch because of the holiday? Burn those calories while enjoying the ride with your loved ones. Make it a yearly activity. It will be fun.

Donate to organizations that promote Black causes.

There are a variety of organizations that promote racial equality and advocate criminal justice for Black people. Donating to these charities is also one of the best ways to commemorate Juneteenth. You may think this may not be a healthy way to celebrate this holiday, but this is undoubtedly good for the heart, right? And this is also definitely good for the soul. 

The donations may come from your own pocket, but you can also ask for help from family and friends through fundraising. Organizations such as Justice for Breona Taylor and the Loyaleland Foundation are just two of the organizations that need financial backing. 

Key Takeaways

How to celebrate Juneteenth? There are various ways to celebrate this holiday. Just make sure that, in spite of everything, we should always give importance to our health, especially in these times of health crisis that the world has been through these past years. 

Celebrating Juneteenth is such a nice way to commemorate this special day. As you celebrate it with your family, friends, and coworkers, always keep the concept of "cultural appropriation" in mind as well. The best way to do this is to consult a Black friend or colleague delicately if you are unsure whether what you’re doing may be considered cultural appropriation or not. 

Everyone, have a happy Juneteenth!

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