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10 Best Slam Ball Exercises

Looking for the best slam ball exercises that you can include in your workout routines? Continue reading this article and learn about these exercises.

Slam ball workouts focus on using your posterior chain, core, arms, hips, and lats all at the same time. This workout helps with both your cardio and strength training. 

The two types of slam balls that you can use in your workout routine are the rubber slam balls that bounce and the deadweight slam balls, which do not bounce at all. Both these balls are a big help in performing your slam ball workouts.

Here are the 10 best slam ball workouts you can include in your exercise routines.


10 Must-Try Slam Ball Workouts

1. Slam Ball Burpee

You will typically perform your burpee workout, but this time you will be adding a slam ball for a more intense workout. The slam ball burpee helps you improve your cardio while building your muscles at the same time.

  • Stand upright, holding your slam ball (deadweight) overhead, and slam the ball into the ground as hard as you can. 
  • Squat down and place your hands on the ball, and then jump out with both legs into a push-up position. Immediately, jump your legs back into the lower squat position. 
  • Next, jump as high as you can while holding the ball overhead.
  • This workout can be repeated as many times as you want.

2. Slam Ball Snatch 

A slam ball snatch is your typical snatch using a slam ball. This workout will work on every muscle group in your body but is safer and easier to incorporate into your workout at home.  

  • Begin in a low squat position. Place the ball in between your heels. Look straight ahead.
  • Drag the slam ball up your body and jump when the ball reaches your chest level. 
  • Jump as you continue to bring the ball up until it is above your head, keeping your arms straight. This movement should be done in one fluid motion.
  • Reverse this step as you bring the slam ball back down and then drop it onto the ground in between your heels. 
  • Repeat the movement as many times as you can.

3. Russian Twist

This workout is a great way to build your core and shoulders. It also helps with strengthening your obliques and toning your waistline. The Slam ball intensifies your Russian Twist workout. 

  • In a V-Sit position, bend your knees and place both of your feet on the floor. 
  • Lower your back towards the ground until you feel that engagement in your abs.
  • Hold the slam ball using both hands and then twist from side to side while moving the ball from left to right.

4. Overhead Straight Leg Sit-Up

The Overhead Straight Leg Sit-Up uses a slam ball to brace and tighten your muscles at the core.

  • Lie face up and hold the slam ball above your chest with your arms fully extended.
  • As you go up into a seated position, perform a sit-up while holding the slam ball vertically above your chest and head.
  • Back into the starting position while keeping the weight level, ensuring that you are keeping your back in its natural arch.

5. Overhead Slam

One of the many exercises you can do with a slam ball is the Overhead Slam. This workout targets every muscle group in your body. 

  • Begin by standing straight with your feet hip-width apart and holding your slam ball above your head. 
  • Engage your core as you push back your hips and slam the ball onto the floor as hard as you can. 
  • As you squat down, grab the slam ball.
  • This workout can be repeated as many times as you want.

6. Figure 8

You will literally draw the number 8 while doing this Figure 8 workout.

  • While in a low deep squat, hold the low weight slam ball in your right hand.
  • Move the ball in between your legs as if you are going to be performing a dribbling movement.
  • In dribbling, you will bounce the ball, but in this workout, you will just pass it to your left hand.
  • Move the ball in a circular motion as if you are drawing a number 8 around your legs.

7. Medicinal Ball Slams

This workout helps to activate your entire body as it forces you to pick up the slam ball and then slam it down onto the ground. 

  • Place the slam ball on the floor in front of you.
  • While keeping your spine straight, squat down to the ball.
  • Pick up the slam ball and stand up. Raise the ball above your head.
  • And then slam the ball back down to the ground as hard as you can.
  • As you lower your back into the squat position, catch the slam ball.
  • Repeat the movement as many times as you have allotted.

8. Slam Ball Air Squats

Air squats are good for building thighs and glutes. Doing this workout with a slam ball will help keep your core engaged and your torso upright while doing the squat movement.

  • Begin with your feet hip-width apart and the slam ball held at your chest.
  • Squat down until your butt is just below your knee.
  • Make sure that your heels are placed firmly on the ground, keeping your back straight, and your chest up.
  • Stand up in full extension as your hips are extended and your legs straightened. 

9. Overhead Lunges With a Slam Ball

Just like air squats, this workout is great if you want to feel the burn in your glutes and quads. Adding the slam ball while doing overhead lunges will improve your core and strengthen your shoulder muscles. 

  • Hold the slam ball with your hands above your head.
  • Keep your shoulders steady and your arms straight. 
  • And then perform alternating power lunges with the ball over your head. 
  • Repeat this movement with your opposite leg while switching your legs.

10. Slam Ball Twist

Slam ball twist is a good workout that can help to improve your balance and coordination. If you are looking for a workout that will engage your oblique core muscles, this is the workout for you. 

  • Begin this workout by lunging down with the slam ball extended out from the body. The slam ball should be about the height of your chest.
  • While engaging your entire weight, rotate the slam ball from side to side in slow motion.
  • Without losing your balance and stability, rotate as far as comfortably as you can.
  • As you stand back, switch legs and then repeat the movement on each side.


Slam Ball Benefits

  1. Slam ball exercises are easy to learn as you can incorporate them with other exercises that you are already familiar with.
  2. One of the many slam ball benefits is that they are extremely versatile equipment, as you can do a lot of workouts using them. 
  3. With the wide variety of exercises that you can do with slam balls, you can choose what training suits you the most and keep your training fun and enjoyable.
  4. A slam ball workout can improve agility, which allows you to move faster and easier.
  5. Doing this workout helps you increase your metabolism.
  6. As this workout helps in improving your balance, you will have improved and better stability.
  7. You can pair slam balls with other equipment as you incorporate them with other exercises.

Key Takeaways

Slam ball exercises can give you a tougher and fuller whole body workout. The above list includes 10 of the best slam ball exercises you can try in your favorite gym or even at home. 

Haven’t tried any slam ball exercises yet? Plan your workout now using a slam ball that is suitable for your cardio, core, and fitness training. 

I hope you find this article helpful. Did I miss something? Feel free to leave me a message. Happy training!


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