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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Slam Ball

A SLAM BALL is a workout ball that can be used in a wide range of exercises that condition and define your muscles. When looking for a slam ball that can help you attain your fitness goals, weight is the primary factor that you need to take into consideration. Our slam balls come in different weights ranging from 5-60 pounds, so you must decide what suits your need before making a purchase. If you are a beginner, we would recommend starting with a lightweight. However, if you are an expert, you can go for heavier balls that provide enough resistance and intensity to your workouts. Nordic Lifting slam ball has an iron sand filling that gives the ball a good shape and balanced weight. It has a long-lasting rubber shell exterior that absorbs high impact from explosive exercise

Today, let’s take a look at the guidelines to consider in choosing slam ball weight to match your fitness needs.

What weight should a beginner use? Choosing the right size is the key to achieve your goal. If you’ve never used a slam ball, you better start with 20 pounds for men or 10 pounds for women and kids. Elderly or those with muscle restrictions can start with 8 pounds to learn the techniques quickly. 

Check slam balls’ dimensions. Some slam balls are too wide for people with small hands to handle. To maintain proper form throughout the exercise, you must have a firm grip. Using the right dimension allows you to get comfortable with the mechanics of the movement. 

nordic lifting elbow sleeve

Do you have regular weight training? Those who regularly visit the local gym might find it easier to use heavyweight slam balls. But you have to lift an appropriate amount of weight by starting with a weight you can lift comfortably. It is far more essential to learn the movements than to focus on the maximum weight. 

You can use a heavier weight if you’ve built up your cardio. Since slam balls are most useful for total body workouts, those with active lifestyles will effortlessly learn how to use heavier slam balls. If you haven’t done any physical activity for a while, consider starting as low as 10 pounds, so you don’t overdo it.

Are you starting a fitness program? Those who aim for better strength gains can choose a 40-pound slam ball, while those that focus improve their cardio can use 8-20 pound slam balls.

If you are looking for quality slam balls, you can never go wrong with Nordic Lifting slam balls. They have thicker, drop-tested shells that will not blow out. Our slam balls are built from rubber which proves to be the heavy-duty go-to material.

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