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Should you have a gym buddy?

[author]Elyza D.[/author] [author_img][/author_img][author_info]Creative Writer[/author_info]

Everyone has preferences. While some love spending quality time with themselves at the gym, some also prefer being with others. Working out alone may sound boring to those who would rather have someone to chit-chat with, but each side has reasons as to why they prefer what they prefer.

If you’re the type of person who’s going to the gym without company as of the moment (or just starting out), but is considering to bring a friend along in the near future, maybe you just need an extra push. We’ve put together a few reasons why having a training partner is a good idea.

1. There’s extra motivation to actually hit the gym – we have to admit, there are just days when you don’t feel like sweating it out and it’s during those days that we give in to the couch or bed at home. Training with a partner and setting a schedule will force you to get up on your feet and drag yourself to the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the mood or not because the first step is to just get yourself to the gym! You’ll be thankful for it when you arrive.


2. You’ve got an automatic spotter – it’s so much safer when you’ve got someone assisting you while you’re doing bench presses to hit a new PR. You no longer have to ask random people at the gym to be your spotter because you’ve automatically got one already. Having a buddy at the gym can also help you get your form and technique right, too because they’re able to see what you’re doing wrong.

3.  Youve got someone to push you past your limits – this is probably the best thing about having a training partner around, they’ll always make sure you’re pushing yourself. They are there to support you and remind you that the only thing standing in between you and a new PR is your mindset.


 4. Healthy competition makes working out more fun – what better way to motivate yourself than to have friendly competition between you and your gym buddy? Both of you would want to at least be on the same level, right? You wouldn’t want to look bad in front of your partner.

5. There are more exercises you can explore – there are certain exercises that you alone cannot execute and having a partner makes that possible! You have more types of workouts to try and have fun with and that makes a great bonding experience with your buddy.

6. It’s a great bonding time – again, trying new things could lead to a very fun bonding at the gym. You laugh, exchange thoughts and experiences, and give each other the support you both are longing for on the road towards your body goal/new PR. You’ve got someone motivating you and you’ve got someone to share your success with.


Training with a partner isn’t a necessity and it really depends on your preference. However, it sure takes working out (and your friendship) to another level. You can even workout with your partner to strengthen your relationship. Make sure you choose a partner who’s just as, if not more, motivated and committed as you so you are both able to challenge and keep up with each other.

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