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A Workout for 2: How to Make Exercising a Part of Your Relationship?

Couple working out

I love couples' workouts! Everything from researching duo workout routines to buying trendy gym accessories and trying to plan out the best possible workout times to match our busy schedules. It’s not just a way to stay in shape, though; being able to effectively work out together is a sign of a potent, thriving relationship. I mean, just look at all the people on This Instagram Page – aren’t they just #couplegoals??

Don’t get me wrong, though; setting up a gym relationship is no easy task. In fact, I’ve actually had several relationships come close to ruins by just failing to come to even terms on the issue. Girls can be exceptionally picky and selfish, while guys tend to be overly demanding yet lazy. But the great part of working out as a couple is precisely that you’re not just ironing out your own issues; you’re also helping your significant other become a better version of themselves.

So, where do we start?

First things first: motivation and determination. While it’s awfully nice to imagine a dream world where you always have the drive to keep working out, in reality, it’s a lot harder to maintain. Extended work errands, poor eating habits, and bad time planning are just a few of the reasons that sabotage workouts for millions of people all around the world. But here’s the upside of working out together: the motivation works both ways. In fact, it’s a lot easier to get someone else to work out than to get yourself to do it.

A large part of it goes down to refusing to let someone else down. It’s one thing to cheat on your own well-being, but bailing on someone you truly care about is going to be 10 times harder. And when one of those days comes around where you just can’t force yourself to get out of the house, a 5-minute conversation with your loved one is better than all the motivational books in the world. You can trust me on that.

Second step: Gearing-up

The fact of the matter is that a large part of working out depends on how you feel about it and what you’re wearing. What do you do when you have a super-important meeting coming up? You take your best suit out of the closet, iron out your dress shirt extra hard, and shine those shoes to perfection. In reality, you don’t do all of this just to impress the people you’re going to be talking to; you do it to make yourself feel better. Dressing neatly gives you confidence and a stronger sense of self-appreciation.

Well, guess what? It works the same way for working out. And it gets even better when you’re doing it as a couple. Don’t just pick up any old t-shirts and shorts from the very back of your drawer; make an effort, go out, and do some gym shopping together. There’s nothing better than showing up on day 1 of a couple’s workout in comfortable and stylish workout gear. Not only that, but your partner will look just as good. Just make sure to focus on the workout instead of the Instagram shots.

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Step 3: Research and Workout routines

Unless one or both of you have previous workout experience and a vivid imagination for exercise routines that include two people, you’re going to run into some trouble quite quickly. What is more, not every trainer is capable of providing adequate information; while most are adept at preparing workout plans for individuals on their own, few specialize in routines for couples.

Luckily, we’re living in a world of instant access to information online, and you can get some pretty neat sources online. Check out Hungry&, they do more than just workout routines, but rather an intricate storyline of two people eager about staying in shape—everything from eating right to staying active all year round—definitely worth a read if you’ve got the time.
Some favorites on other platforms include TeamStronger on Instagram and DreamTeam Fitness on YouTube; both provide excellent workout suggestions and exercise ideas, as well as a nice heap of motivation to kick-start your #couplegoals.

If you’re just looking for the absolute basics, I’ve compiled a small list of 8 fundamental exercises that can all be done in the comfort of your own home. For some more intricate and serious routines, you’ll have to do some digging on your own and most probably get some gym memberships for the two of you. But as mentioned before, the 8 basic exercises for couples are:

  • Hook Squats. Remember to always face each other, find your optimal number of sets, and no matter how hard it gets, keep smiling!
  • Alternating box jumps. Find a height that matches both of you, motivate each other when the jumping gets hard, and if one of you finds it too easy, get some weights to balance it out!
  • Biceps curls. Whether you’re using weights or resistance bands, remember to keep track of each other’s reps and don’t let your partner quit before doing their full set.
  • Partner pushups. It's very easy to set up and fun to do. Keep in mind that it’s very important to communicate throughout the exercise in order to maintain optimal weight balance.
  • High-five pushups. A tougher alternative, but definitely more fun as every rep is rewarded with a high-five. Remember to keep your back straight & extend your arm straight, not up.
  • Seated ball pass. It seems easy enough at first, but do enough reps, and you’ll soon feel your core burning. Alternate between sitting-down and standing-up positions for maximum gains.
  • CrissCross crunches. For an exercise to really test your connection, make sure to cross your legs firmly and keep them connected throughout the exercise. It takes a little time to find the correct pace, but it is well worth it.
  • Double Superman. Most of us know how frustrating holding the superman pose is. Well, it gets a little more fun when you’ve got the love of your life in front of you, and make sure you stay in it. Maintain eye contact throughout the exercise for an extra couple points!

Couple jogging
If all of this just seems like too much to take in, take things slow and just go out for a jog together. In fact, that could be your primary workout goal—making sure to do 3 jogs a week for 2 weeks without missing a single one.
Start off slow and find a pace that’s suitable for both of you, but not so fast that you can barely walk by the end of your run. Gradually increase your tempo with every jog, and if you’re really feeling courageous, include some of the above-mentioned exercises at the halfway point of your run—that will really get those calories burning.
Keep on motivating each other throughout your training; remember, it’s only fun if both of you are having fun!
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