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Seriously Inspiring Bodybuilding Films Every Bodybuilder Must See

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COVID-19 has left many of us stuck in our homes. With all these changes happening, we can use a little break from it all. Check out these inspirational bodybuilding films to keep you motivated during these trying times:


1. Stand Tall (1997) 

This documentary captures the awe-inspiring journey of “The Incredible Hunk” Lou Ferrigno 19 years after he retired and left the world of competitive bodybuilding. This documentary is full of emotions and will give you all the feels as you witness all his hard work just to attain his ultimate goal at all costs. 

Watch it for free here. 


2. Pumping Iron (1975) 

This documentary will take you back to the time Arnold Schwarzenegger was training for his sixth Mr. Olympia victory. This is also the same year Lou Ferrigno came second place to him and decided to end his bodybuilding journey not knowing that he will compete again 19 years later. This documentary focuses primarily on their rivalry as they were considered the two most famous bodybuilders at that time.

Watch it for free here.


3. The Comeback (1980) 

This documentary features the epic comeback of Arnold Schwarzenegger after he decided to quit his bodybuilding career right after winning his sixth title at Mr. Olympia in 1975. He realized that his bodybuilding journey is far from over when he got into an even better shape in preparation for his role in the movie “Conan the Barbarian” in 1982.

If you want to see him train and get into top competition form again in just a few short weeks and how he eventually clinched the title for the 7th time after being out of the bodybuilding scene for 5 years then don’t even dare miss this.

Watch it for free here. 


4. Franco Columbu Training (1977) 

Franco Columbu was best known for his decades-long friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger and for winning the Mr. Olympia competition twice (1976 & 1981) despite being one of the smaller guys of the bunch. He also appeared in Pumping Iron (1977), Conan the Barbarian (1982), etc. This Italian bodybuilder and former boxer also competed in the inaugural edition of the World's Strongest Man in 1977. Despite dislocating his left knee while racing with a refrigerator on his back, he still managed to place fifth during this contest. 

See him train here. 


There you have it. These are just some of the best bodybuilding films that you can watch to inspire and motivate you to never give up on your fitness goals and make room for fitness even during this quarantine. 

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