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Protein Intake Before Bed: Good Idea or Bad?


We all know for a fact that protein consumption is vital for our body to function properly. Protein doesn't just build and repair tissues, it is also needed by our body to make hormones and enzymes. And that is a fact!

Among bodybuilders, athletes, and gym buffs, the protein shake is probably the most popular and easiest source of protein. They're usually enjoyed after one powerful workout for muscle repair or during breakfast. But guess what, did you know that protein intake before bedtime is also highly recommended to boost one’s fitness performance. Why? Let's find out:

A new research has revealed that drinking a pre-bed protein shake may give increased health and fitness benefits. As indicated by several researchers, ingesting protein supplements such as protein shake led to increased muscle protein synthesis. And with this groundbreaking discovery, athletes all around the globe already adopted this nutritional strategy to prevent muscle breakdown. 

Another research that tackles the positive benefits of drinking a protein shake before sleeping states that it helps boost postexercise overnight recovery. Additionally, protein ingestion before going to bed can also increase muscle growth among healthy older men. 

The Powerful Effect of Protein Shake

As mentioned by several studies, when you drink a protein shake before sleeping you get to improve your athletic performance. By simply following protein supplementation at night, athletes are guaranteed to experience enhanced strength and muscle growth. Clinical findings also reported the following, which supports beneficial effects on an athlete's performance:

  • Enhanced muscle adaptation to exercise longer
  • Improved strength during workouts
  • Increased lean mass
  • Enhanced overnight muscle repair

With all these benefits that we've mentioned, it only shows that consuming protein before you crash for the night is absolutely a brilliant idea that you should consider doing if you want to experience all the benefits we've listed above. But wait there's more! Did you know that protein can also help stabilize your blood sugar and help you wake up not starving? This, of course, can help you get to focus on your fitness and diet goals throughout the day.

What's the best type of Protein Shake to drink?

In case you don't know, protein sources are not all made equal. They differ usually on how they can stimulate protein synthesis of the muscle. And because of that, it's also important to consider the type of protein drink to consume. Of all the studies conducted to test the benefits of drinking protein shakes before tucking in, researchers opted to use casein protein. Casein is a protein source that is slowly digested by the body; releasing amino acids slowly throughout the night. Compared to whey protein that gets digested for a shorter period, casein is the ideal choice for pre-sleep consumption. So better take that in mind.

And there you have it! All the details that you need to be convinced that one glass of protein shake is the perfect bedtime fuel.


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