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Looking Back: How COVID-19 Has Changed the Fitness Industry

Hello, 2021! 

We know for sure that everyone’s happy that 2020 is finally over! But let’s take a look back on the events that have transpired during the last year.With all the turn of events that has transpired during the last year, we can definitely agree that 2020 was a year that we'll never forget. 

With the government declaring lockdown in all parts of the world, a lot of us had to completely change their lifestyle due to the pandemic. Plenty of business sectors have also been affected including the fitness industry. Since gyms and fitness centers were among those places that have to close to help prevent the spreading of the virus,  many fitness businesses have plunged into financial uncertainty due to indefinite closure. 

But how did the fitness industry cope up with this? Let's take a look:

Virtual Workouts

Although virtual workouts were already existing even before the COVID-19 pandemic, data have shown a huge jump in consumers utilizing virtual content since March 2020. According to Mindbody, 73% of consumers used pre-recorded videos in 2020 compared to 17% in 2019. That's definitely a huge increase in 1 year. And with many platforms offering pre-recorded workout videos, users definitely have plenty of options to choose from.

Live stream Classes

Online or live stream fitness classes also became essential for fitness buffs during the pandemic, and just like pre-recorded fitness videos, data by Mindbody has also shown a huge jump among users, with 85% using Live stream classes weekly versus 7% in 2019. Among the most popular live stream classes were Fhitting Room, Tone It Up, CorePower Yoga, and Daily Burn.

Home Gym Equipment

With gyms being closed and everyone advised to stay home, fitness buffs also have to be resourceful and creative by making their gym set-up at home. It doesn't have to be lavish and complete as there is plenty of gym equipment that is multipurpose and can be used for both cardio and muscle-building routines. As a matter of fact, fitness equipment sales have skyrocketed by 170% according to Business Wire.

Fitness Apps

While the global disruption has affected the fitness industry, it has also opened plenty of innovations for this specific sector. Fitness clubs have shifted into online workouts offering live streams and even one-on-one virtual fitness training. Fitness app downloads also grew by 46% worldwide during 2020. Digital wellness has absolutely been the highlight of 2020 despite the pandemic, and although several gyms and fitness centers have reopened during the later part of 2020, survey findings from Gympass have indicated that more users are sticking to the online fitness routines with a 61% increase of users in July of 2020.

And while the new year has come and as we hope for the pandemic to be finally over, we at Nordic Lifting encourage everyone to continue developing a fitness routine whether virtual or not. Stay safe everyone!

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