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How to Prevent Weight Gain This Holiday Season?


FYI, it’s not just you. Millions of people around the world are also getting worried about their increasing weight when the Yuletide season hits.

Gaining weight during the holidays is a common concern for many of us. Since it's the festive season, the majority of us tend to overeat, indulge in sumptuous dishes, and take a break from exercising or pursuing a healthier lifestyle. According to, between the months of November and January, adults gain an average of 0.5 kg.

While this may not seem a lot, overeating and forgetting about our fitness goals during the holidays may be one of the biggest contributors to your total annual weight gain. But don't worry, we got your back fam! We prepared for you a comprehensive list of how to fend off holiday weight gain. Here's everything that you need to know:

Continue Being Active

As I have already mentioned, the months of November and December are when people forget about being active. The majority of us would prefer doing sedentary activities such as sitting on the couch, drinking hot beverages or simply watching TV. Being inactive can definitely contribute to weight gain, especially if you also tend to overeat. So, instead of just munching and enjoying cookies, pies, and everything nice, encourage the whole family to go on a simple family walk or jog at the park. This could be one awesome activity that you get to do with your entire kin.

Bottom line: Don’t be lazy and stick to your fitness routines!

Choose Your Snacks Wisely

What's a Christmas morning without cookies and gingerbread, right? They're basically already part of a tradition, and not seeing these goodies being prepared during the holidays will make you feel like something is missing. But although these delicious goodies are abundant this season, be reminded that munching them, even when you're not hungry at all, can contribute to your weight gain. 

Be extra mindful of your snacking habits. If you're really hungry and want snacks, better have real foods like nuts, fruits, and seeds instead of those that are high in sugar.

Get Enough Sleep

With all those parties and events lined up for you to attend all throughout this season, it's only natural that you might be deprived of proper sleep. And FYI! Sleep deprivation can also be a major cause of weight gain. Why? Because those who lack sleep tend to get hungrier more often, consume more calories, and exercise less.

With sleep restriction, a person's hunger hormone levels increase, which ultimately leads to high-calorie intake. Furthermore, inadequate sleep has been linked to lower metabolism. So if you want to avoid weight gain,  make sure that you always get a night of proper sleep.

Limit Liquid Calorie Intake

Other than food, beverages such as alcohol, sugary juices and hot beverages are also abundant during the season. Although it’s fun to party and chitchat around friends and families with booze and other delicious cocktails in hand, bear in mind that these high-calorie drinks can actually lead you to gain more pounds this season. 

Water is waving at you! Stay hydrated!

Watch Your Portion Sizes

Well, if you are absolutely focused to not gain another pound this holiday season, you also have to learn to discipline and control yourself. 

While it's easy to overload your plate and try everything that is on the table, you have to control yourself to watch your portion sizes. If you’re not hungry at all, don’t put everything that you find tasty on your plate. And also, it’s never wrong to say no to food, especially if you really are full. Always remember to be reasonable with the amount of food that you put on your plate to avoid excess calories. 

Yay! That's it! 

Congratulations! You can now enjoy the remaining days of this festive season without having to worry about stubborn weight gain.

Simply follow these tips we've mentioned above, and you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy the rest of your holidays!


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