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Mini Stepper—What You Need to Know About This Awesome Machine

The mini stepper is a functional cardio machine that is compact and portable making it easier for you to set it up anytime, anywhere. It is considered to be one of the great tools especially for those who have no time to go to the gym helping you squeeze exercise into a tight schedule even at the comfort of your own home. To use it, simply stand on the foot pedals that simulate a stair-climbing motion when you push them down alternately with your feet.  

Nordic Lifting's Mini Stepper in pink, gray, red, and black colors

This handy foot cardio machine has a maximum weight capacity of 286 lbs. and comes with resistance bands in three sizes for a more challenging exercise: (20 inches = 25 lbs., 28 inches = 20 lbs., 39 inches= 15 lbs.). It has a non-slip dotted rubber mat, a sturdy balance bar drive, and a hydraulic cylinder so you can exercise without worrying about mishaps and accidents. This mini stepper also features the latest magnetic induction module, making the data transmission of your exercise more accurate.

What are their advantages?

Convenient and portable- Small, built-to-last, and structured for you to perform a full cardio workout without occupying too much space in a room. The mini stepper can be used when you are at your office desk or while watching tv. This is a convenient and effective way to incorporate more movement into your day. 

Improves cardiovascular workout- The repetitive motion of a mini stepper gets you moving so you get your heart rate pumping during cardiovascular exercise. Regular cardio can enhance cardiovascular well-being by improving low blood pressure. 

nordic lifting mini stepper

Tones muscle- Exercising with a mini stepper utilizes the same muscles when walking or climbing stairs. Using them regularly can help tone the lower body muscles, including the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles. The more often you use it, the more definition you will notice in these muscles.  

Burns calories- Mini stepper machines work to help you burn calories. It may provide a low-impact workout but with consistency, doing training with a mini stepper can boost your metabolism which can lead to weight loss effortlessly when accompanied by a healthy diet. It is an ideal way to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. 

A man in black sportswear using Nordic Lifting's black mini stepper

The Nordic Lifting mini stepper machine is a fantastic way to add exercise to your daily routine. You can purchase it online, on Amazon and Nordic Lifting website. It is also available in four different colors: Black, White, Red, Pink. You no longer need to feel guilty as you can now train at home and shape up your body using the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper. 

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