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Five Foolproof Ways to Gain Mega Mass

We know that you want to gain mega mass, but the question is how? Well, we have the answers! Read these five foolproof ways that will surely help you progress on your bulking journey:

Be Consistent in Training Hard

One of the keys to bulking effectively is by being 100% determined to train hard and be consistent to challenge your body to do more reps, add more routines, and strive to push your limits.

When you are consistent with what you do and determined to finish what you've started, then you will achieve the results that you've wanted.

Find Yourself a Training Partner

Having a training partner who will keep you motivated and focused on your goals is absolutely vital also, and that is why you should consider having someone who can also train with you. And when you found the perfect fitness partner, you won't have the time to slack because you definitely don't want to be outperformed, right? And another benefit that you get for having a partner in training is that you can also be each other's spotter, so you are guaranteed to have someone maintain your safety while you do your power lifts.

Take the Time to Recover

When it comes to building muscle, it's not always just about lifting and increasing caloric intake, it's also about giving your muscles ample time to recover after a hardcore training. And if you have money that you can invest in deep-tissue or a regular chiropractic appointment, that that would be even better. Why? Because a regular visit to a chiropractor can keep your hips and spine aligned and a good massage can break up scar tissue as well as help maximize blood flow by breaking adhesion.

Proper Form is Vital

Proper form will not just help you avoid injuries and accidents at the gym, it can also guarantee that your hard training won't go to waste. How? Because proper form will help you exercise more efficiently, using that energy for an extra push instead of wasted movement. So generally speaking, the better your form, the better your results, you can lift more and perform more.

Go to a Real Gym

Corporate gyms are usually more into cardio and machine exercises nowadays, in other words, peaceful exercise, but if you are into lifting, you should look for a gym that focuses or welcomes lifter wholeheartedly and not get eyes every time you are dropping the bars or if the plates are clanking.

Additionally, going to a gym with plenty of other lifters will absolutely give you the encouragement that you need and the support from other lifters.

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