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A lot of people think that powerlifting and bodybuilding are the same thing, but you'd be surprised to know that they are actually completely different sports. And while it's true that both of these activities involve massive physical training, powerlifters and bodybuilders go to different workout routines and preparations.

you are still quite confused about the difference between the two, then make sure to read below:  

Powerlifter & Bodybuilder



The  Body Goal


The main focus of powerlifters is strength. They have to develop strength in order to compete and be able to do three kinds of lifting - deadlift, squat, and bench. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, also try to develop strength but they are much more focused on aesthetics.

This means that powerlifters train hard to be strong, while bodybuilders train to develop their muscles. Powerlifters are judged in a competition according to their capacity of lifting weights while, bodybuilders are judged based on their physique. Their training, diet, and even recovery period are also contrasting.


The Competition Dress Code


Another big difference between bodybuilders and powerlifters is the ensemble they wear during competitions. Powerlifting is an Olympic sport and it has a specific guideline that lifters should follow in order for them to be admitted in the competition.

Aside from singlets, lifters are also mandated to use powerlifting shoes and socks, lifting belts, knee sleeves, etc. As for bodybuilders, their get-up during competitions usually include spray tans, bikinis for female contestants, and underwear for male contestants.

Bodybuilders are expected to look their best during competition since they will judged according to their body sculpture. Female contestants are even expected to wear makeup during these events.


The Popular Competitions


Powerlifters and bodybuilders also compete in different events. Among the most popular bodybuilding competition includes IFBB Mr. Olympia, NABBA Universe, and Arnold Classic. On the other hand, powerlifters are psyched to compete on the Olympic games, World Open Powerlifting Championships, and World Masters Powerlifting Championships.

And there you have it! Three basic features that will easily help you distinguish a powerlifter and a bodybuilder.