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The latest post by Kern US Open talks about taking a new direction. Mainly it's a big change that USPA (US Powerlifting Association) has pulled out of the Kern US Open and Gracie Davis was dropped as USPA's Meet Director. What truly happened?

USPA Dropped Kern US Open, Gracie Davis no longer US Open Meet Director

Last September 10, Soledad Palacios inquired and emailed Gracie Davis (USPA Meet Director for Kern US Open) about qualifying.

In the email she wrote,

Gracie Davis responded with, "#24? in what list? weight class? 389 wilks doesn't qualify you for shit other than wasting my f*cking time with this application... what is the deal here?"

This screenshot below went viral in the powerlifting community after Soledad posted this screenshot on her Instagram account: 

Gracie Davis received a lot of backlash because of her response to a weightlifter who's inquiring if she'll qualify for the Kern US Open. In response, Gracie Davis apologized saying, "After a meeting with the @uspapower National Office & my business partner @russakern this morning I want to apologize for being very rude in a reply email yesterday to an under qualified lifter applying for a spot to life in the @kernusopen. I definitely overreacted and I'm very sorry, Soledad."

For a while USPA didn't release any comments about the situation until recently when USPA president Steve Denison released this statement.

Some of the highlights here: 

1. The USPA is no longer sanctioning or participating in the 2019 Kern US Open
2. Gracie Davis will no longer be a meet director for any USPA events
3. Gracie Davis' referee status in the USPA is indefinitely suspended.

He also added, "I want to be very clear about some fundamental principals that I feel all USPA officials and members need to understand. Whether you're a prospective lifter looking for a place to compete, a new lifter entering you first contest, or an elite level veteran, I expect EVERYONE in the USPA to be treated equally with compassion, kindness, and respect."

The Kern US Open will happen next year from April 27 to April 28. The question now is what will happen next?

Yesterday, Kern US Open's Instagram account posted,

"ATTENTION: The US Open will be take in a new direction. We will NOT allow our contribution to the powerlifting community over the last 3 years to be overlooked by recent events.
We have decided to have the US Open sanctioned by @wrp_official. They been helping us prior to these events when they had no obligation to.
A new division will be opened where squats will be walked out. All standards and aspects of our meet will run parallel with previous years.
Registered lifters do not have to register twice. Participation in the WRPF requires no annual membership fee.
We will keep our community up to date as we go through this change. #KERNUSOPEN"


Meanwhile WRP Federation (World RAW Powerlifling Federation) also posted the same on their Instagram account. 


Want to know more? You can also watch Brad Arbic's commentary on the topic. Video below:

How about you? What is your take on the whole situation? Leave your comments below.