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Memorial Day Murph Workout

What is a Memorial Day Murph Workout? It was a traditional Memorial Day workout and one of CrossFit’s toughest workouts.

Memorial Day, formerly called Decoration Day, is observed on the last Monday of May every year. This is to commemorate those who served and died heroically serving the United States military. But why is everyone talking about doing Murph instead of sitting by the pool or enjoying the summer sun?

Memorial Day has become synonymous with the Murph workout. Every year, people march through the streets to commemorate and give tribute to the military services, and Lieutenant Murphy in particular.

Do you have any idea what a Murph Workout is? This workout not only has a compelling backstory, but it also has numerous health benefits. Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, created this workout in honor of Navy Lieutenant Murphy. 

Lieutenant Michael Murphy in his military uniform

Who is Navy Lt. Murphy?

Navy Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy, affectionately known as "Murph'' by his family and friends, was born on May 7, 1976 in Smithtown, New York. Lieutenant Murphy's favorite workout is Body Amor. Following his passing, the CrossFit community renamed it the “Murph WOD” in his honor.

On June 28, 2005, Navy Lt. Murphy was killed in Afghanistan. He led a four-man SEAL reconnaissance force into the Hindu-Kush mountains in a covert operation. For his valor, he received the Congressional Medal of Honor after his death.

What is a Murph Workout?

What is a Memorial Day Murph workout? It was a famous CrossFit workout named after Navy Lt. Murphy. The Murph Workout was first uploaded on August 18, 2005, as a Hero Workout of the Day, and is completed every year on Memorial Day by CrossFitters and Navy SEALs alike. It was popularized by the CrossFit community but has military origins.

This workout begins with a one-mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats, all before finishing with another one-mile run. They also put on a 20 or 14-pound weight vest. It is one of the longest workouts, lasting somewhere between 40 minutes and an hour. Generally, your accomplishment time is determined by your fitness ability and patience.

It was a long thresher that combined endurance and calisthenics and was one of CrossFit's toughest workouts. The Murph Workout is such a demanding workout since it has military origins, but you will never hear a single complaint from people performing it because, for them, it is more than just a workout routine, it is a Hero WOD.

The Marines in white t-shirts and cargo pants are performing planks

The Benefits of Murph's Workout

The Murph Workout is an excellent way to get in shape and improve your fitness level. The goal of this workout is to get faster at it each time you do it. The benefits of this workout include the following:

It does not necessitate the use of any fitness equipment.

One of the best things about this workout is that it has so many benefits and requires no equipment. You can do the Murph Workout anytime and anywhere since you do not need to use any fitness equipment.

It will help you lose weight.

Murph is a challenging workout. By performing this exercise, you will burn a lot of calories and boost your metabolism. 

It will help in maintaining your cardiovascular health.

The Murph Workout aids in the development and maintenance of cardiovascular health. If you do not have strong cardiovascular health, you will find it hard to complete this workout. 

It will work all of your muscles.

This workout will strengthen your muscles by engaging all of your muscle groups. The Murph workout includes over 100 different exercises that target the arms, abdomen, legs, and glutes. The increased strength provided by pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats will help to build and condition your muscle growth.

It will improve your strength and endurance.

This workout will help you gain strength and endurance. It will help boost your mental and physical stamina. This workout helps increase mental strength by instilling willpower, patience, and dedication.

It gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Finishing one of the toughest workouts, such as the Murph Workout, will give you a sense of accomplishment. Especially if you tend to finish them in less time compared to your previous attempts. 

It helps to commemorate and give honor.

The Murph Workout was created to celebrate and remember those men and women who have given their lives in the defense of our country. They have gone through more than what you are experiencing. Try to remember those soldiers whenever you feel like you can't go on with the workout program. 

Important Reminder: Hydrate yourself before, during, and after your murph workout. Be mentally and physically prepared to complete the workout in less time and without injuries. 

This workout is timed, so the faster you can complete it, the better. Your goal is to get quicker the more you do the program.

Key Takeaways

Why is the Memorial Day Murph Workout worth trying for? This is a great addition to your training program because it can be done anywhere and requires no equipment. This workout will improve your mental and physical endurance, develop muscular strength, tone your muscles, and give you a sense of accomplishment if you incorporate it into your fitness routine. 

For many Americans, Memorial Day is a day off and the unofficial start of the summer season. Long vacations allow us to spend more time with our families and friends. However, because we are still in the midst of the pandemic, it is best to celebrate at home or with a small group as much as possible.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Enjoy!

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