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10+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Fit Dads

Looking for the perfect yet simple Father’s Day gift idea for your fitness-loving dad? Here’s an article that could help you out.

Father's Day is a father-honoring holiday observed in the United States on the third Sunday of June. It was originally observed on June 19, 1910, in Washington state. It is an occasion that celebrates fatherhood, paternity, paternal connections, and the role of fathers in society.

I know you want your real-life Superman to be the happiest person in the world with your simple gestures as the celebration approaches. Still unsure of what Father's Day gifts to give to someone you believe has everything he requires?

Here’s a simple Father’s Day gift idea—a gift of wellness. Yes, there’s no better present than this one. With the increasing time he spends working and with the health crisis that we are experiencing at the moment due to the COVID-19 Virus, it is the best time to make sure they are always in their best and perfect health condition.

A father was given a Father's Day card and a gift by his daughter and wife

Fitness Gifts for Fit Dads

Your gift need not be expensive or extravagant. Your father will surely appreciate it as long as it comes from the heart. But of course, if you have the means to buy him a pricey one, go on, and he will surely love it as well.

If you already have a fitness-conscious dad or want your dad to start a healthy lifestyle, here are some of the gift ideas you can choose from:

Healthy Breakfast in Bed

There’s no better way to celebrate this special day than with the whole family. Start the day by surprising him with a healthy breakfast in bed. Waking up surrounded by your loved ones with some fancy healthy meals will melt your dad’s heart at once.

Plan an Outdoor Activity

Planning an outdoor activity with your dad is a great way to spend Father’s Day. This is an excellent time to get outside and maintain your fitness program while involving the entire family. You can have a simple picnic at the park and bring your bicycles with you. A healthy family bonding experience and a celebration all rolled into one. Isn’t it a nice idea?

A Basket of Fruits

This must be an odd idea for you, but giving your dad a basket full of healthy snacks is a great way to tell him that, more than anything, his health is the most important thing. The best thing about this gift idea is that you don’t have to spend that much. You can get a basket of colorful and healthy fruits for under $100. 

Water Bottle

Want to remind your father to stay hydrated? Give him a useful water bottle that he can carry along with him wherever he goes. Drinking enough water each day provides you with lots of benefits. It helps to keep your heart pumping blood and filter waste in your kidneys. 

Beard Care Kit

Does your father love trimming his beard every now and then? Then a beard care kit is a perfect gift idea this Father’s Day. This kit mostly contains beard shampoo and conditioner, facial moisturizer, beard oil, a brush, and a trimmer. This will help in making their facial hair and skin moisturized and healthier. Partner it with an electric shaver and your father will definitely thank you for that. 

Portable Blender

If your father enjoys camping or is usually on the road, a portable blender is a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift. Look for a BPA-free brand that is cool enough to blend his morning juices.

Gym Membership

Does your dad enjoy gym workouts? If he wants to go back to the gym, take the initiative to get him a membership to his favorite gym. Or if you want your dad to start having a healthy lifestyle, get both of you a membership. A kid and father bond in a healthier and meaningful way. Sounds great, right?

A dumbbell and a Father's Day heart card in a blue background


Dumbbell training has several advantages over other types of training, including its low cost and versatility. This will be a good exercise tool for your dad’s home workout exercises. 

Duffel Bag

If your dad is already a gym goer, a duffel bag would be a great gift. This useful bag will fit not only his workout clothes but also his exercise shoes. He can also use this during his outdoor activities, such as outings, among others. 

Sport Shoes

Stylish and comfy sports shoes will definitely make your father’s day. A pair of running shoes if he’s into running and jogging. And lifting shoes are perfect if he’s into weight lifting and strength training. A pair of basketball shoes if he’s into basketball, and a golf shoe if he’s into golf. 

Exercise Band

This is one of the most practical gifts for fit dads, especially now that fitness is on everyone's agenda due to the physical and emotional stress that we are experiencing because of the pandemic. A fitness band displays numerous statistics on jogging, walking, and other physical activities for calorie burning and heartbeat monitoring, among others.


There is a lot of workout equipment available nowadays. One of the best pieces of home workout equipment that fit dads deserve to have are kettlebells. You can swing them around by the handle, and they work various muscles.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are good equipment for warming up and cooling down routines. It helps break down your dad’s muscular knots, which can prevent workout pain and increase his mobility. This routine also prepares your body for and recuperates from workouts by boosting circulation.

Workout Balls

Wall ball and ball slam exercises will both help you enhance your general conditioning, power, and coordination. Either of the two will help your father achieve his fitness goals. Give them a workout ball and they will surely love it.

A man in shorts is standing while holding a dumbbell on one arm and a baby on the other hand

Key Takeaways

The Father’s Day gift you choose will be a unique one since every father is one-of-a-kind and has different needs as well. Whatever it is that you will give will be very much appreciated by our dads, so don’t worry too much about it. You will never go wrong if you think of something that your father likes or needs.

There are lots of things you could choose from on the market. What matters is that you will be giving your dad something that he truly needs. Even little things will be much appreciated, especially if they come from the heart. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, right?

As Father's Day is quickly approaching, I hope I was able to help you choose the perfect gift with these simple Father’s Day gift ideas. Happy Father’s Day to all deserving fathers in the world. Enjoy your day!

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