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Celebrating World Spine Day

How important is celebrating World Spine Day? Let us discuss simple ways to celebrate this important day as we get familiar with spine health awareness month.

What is World Spine Day? It is the time of the year when people all over the world come together to raise awareness about the importance of spinal health and wellbeing. It was established by the World Federation of Chiropractic and is celebrated every 16th day of October with the goal of raising awareness and encouraging people to take better care of their spines. 

This day is observed on all continents by healthcare professionals, fitness and therapy experts, public health supporters, students, and patients. The annual commemoration encourages physical activity, safe working conditions, responsible lifting, and proper posture, among others.

"Every Spine Counts'' is the theme for Spine Day’s celebration this year. It stresses the diversity of spinal pain and disability as a component of the global disease burden. It also identifies the necessity for universal access to quality, important spinal health services.

Why is the spine so important? The spine provides structure and support to the body. You couldn't stand up or stay upright without it. It enables you to move freely and bend with flexibility. It directly affects your overall health and if it’s unable to support your central nervous system, you will be dealing with lots of pains and illnesses.

A woman in yellow sportswear and yoga pants is doing yoga poses to strengthen her spine    

Celebrating World Spine Day 

There are numerous healthy and meaningful ways to commemorate World Spine Day. Here are three of the most expressive and simple ways to commemorate this healthy holiday.

Engage yourself in exercises.

This recommendation is not just good for today’s celebration. In general, you must have a regular exercise routine dedicated to every part of your body. Today, you can also try hosting workout activities for World Spine Day with your loved ones and try a variety of interesting workouts that you can do together. Persuade them to incorporate exercise into their everyday routines in order to avoid early signs of back problems.

One of the simplest and yet most recommended body-strengthening workouts that you can do is the functional kettlebell exercise. This works out the entire body, particularly your spinal muscles. It is so versatile that you can do it anywhere and wherever you are, whether you are at home or at your favorite gym.

Spread some awareness.

In commemoration of World Spine Day, many health organizations are following the trend in order to be heard by various private organizations and governments. Their main goal is to assist them in addressing the global problem of spine concerns. As an individual, you can join a local group and engage yourself in volunteer work that spreads spine health awareness.

Educate yourself.

There is no greater support than being knowledgeable about your own overall health and mental condition. Being aware of these issues cannot only benefit you in the future, but also those around you who may be facing similar problems.

A doctor shows his patient a mini replica of a human spinal cord

Most Common Spine Problem

  • Spinal Cord Injuries. Injury to the spinal cord can result in a loss of function such as mobility and/or feeling, and it can happen to anyone unexpectedly. The most common being external trauma as a result of vehicular accidents, falls, or diseases such as polio, spina bifida, among others.
  • Herniated Cervical Disc. A cervical herniated disc can develop a variety of symptoms or no symptoms at all. The discomfort can range from a dull ache in the neck, arm, and/or hand to an intense sensation that reaches into these same areas. You can sometimes feel pain or stiffness in your arm or hand.
  • Whiplash. The most common signs of whiplash are pain and stiffness. You may have an excruciating ache that intensifies when you shift your head side to side or up and down.
  • Herniated Lumbar Disc. A herniated disk can occur anywhere along the spine, but it most commonly occurs in the lower spine. It is also known as a swelling, extending, or torn disk. It is one of the most prevalent causes of lower back discomfort and leg discomfort, sometimes known as sciatica.
  • Scoliosis and Spinal Deformities. A spinal deformity is an abnormal curve in your spine, such as scoliosis or kyphosis. It can impair your spine's capacity to function, resulting in pain, neurological issues, and partial paralysis. Treatment is aimed at alleviating symptoms rather than correcting the curvature.

Fun Facts About Your Spine

Your spine is more flexible than you imagine.

  • Because of elastic ligaments and spinal disks, it is so flexible that if you bent it as far as it could go, it would form two-thirds of a complete circle.

You are taller in the morning.  

  • You are taller in the morning than in the evening because. You know why? Throughout the day, the cartilage in our knees and other areas gradually compresses, but when we sleep and rest, the cartilage becomes normal. This is why you are taller when you first wake up in the morning and gradually lose height throughout the day.

We are the only mammals that suffer from scoliosis.

  • There are no other mammals that have scoliosis. The fact that idiopathic-type scoliosis has never been observed in any animal other than humans has certainly contributed to the belief that the deformity is dependent on upright walking.

Key Takeaways

Billions of individuals around the world suffer from back pain, spinal pain, and related impairments. It affects people throughout their lives and is the most common reason for disability in the world.

World Spine Day is celebrated to increase awareness of spinal health and diseases and to promote a multidisciplinary effort. This was also established to raise awareness of how different cultures cope with these issues. It is believed that this kind of celebration makes people more open to new treatments, cures, and remedies against spine disorders and diseases.

This year’s theme emphasizes how you can support your spine by remaining active and adopting positive lifestyles. Remember to always take care of your spines as “every spine truly counts.”

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