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Why Do You Need a Spotter?

“Do I need a spotter?”

You’ve probably asked this question to yourself at one point or another and yes, you need one. Even the most experienced weightlifters need them from time to time so why wouldn’t you? Here are four reasons why you should consider getting help from one:                             

1. They will assist you and keep you safe     

One of the top reasons why you need a spotter is to keep you safe. The thing with accidents is that it can happen all of a sudden. One minute you’re doing fine and killing it; the next minute, you’ve lost control of the weights and tear a muscle. That’s the sad reality of workouts.                  

Having a spotter is beneficial because they will protect you from sustaining injuries. They will keep an eye on you and make sure that you are supported during those crucial lifts. You can focus on your lifts without any worries in mind because you know you can count on them. 

2. They will encourage you and give you extra motivation  

a guy spotting his gym partner

Spotters only want the best for you. They want you to complete those reps and be able to go beyond what you normally would. They will encourage you to keep going because they know you can do more than what you think you are capable of. Spotters got your back and will give you the motivation that you need to beat your old PRs.                                               

3. They can help you raise your confidence levels

It’s normal to have doubts and apprehensions at times. That’s part of life. What’s important is to have someone who believes in you and your abilities. Your spotter is the person who will give you confidence as they cheer you on to do more reps or increase your weights. 

4. They will help correct your form

Spotters are very alert and keen. Once they see you doing your form incorrectly then they will let you know right away. They will help correct your posture so that you are stable throughout. They certainly won’t hesitate to help you out when the need arises especially if they see that your technique is off and they feel like you’re struggling to complete another rep anymore.     


No doubt, asking help from a spotter can take your performance to the next level. Their support and assistance can give you that extra push to safely meet your workout-related goals. However, choose your spotters wisely. Go for people you trust and don’t get distracted easily. Choose someone who knows what they’re doing and will take this responsibility seriously. Your safety is literally in their hands so you have to be smart about who you partner up with to avoid spotter-related accidents and other undesirable gym mishaps. 

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