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5 Most Trending Wearable Technology

As technology develops, wearable technology is growing in popularity. Here are five of the most popular wearable technology products for 2022.

Wearable technology has progressed from improving assistive devices to alternating realities. They're the most fascinating wearable technologies you'll ever see. They have the potential to significantly improve your quality of life, and we can't wait to discover what else lies ahead.

A man wearing smart clothing while weightlifting 

What is wearable technology?  

Wearable technology, popularly known as "wearables," refers to a class of digital equipment that can be worn as jewelry or embedded in clothing. It has grown in popularity in recent years, with a strong demand for devices that may be utilized in a variety of fields, ranging from fitness to medicine and entertainment to fashion.

While there are diverse kinds of wearable electronics available, the most popular devices are those that combine functionality with style. As wearable technology advances, it is probable that even more innovative and helpful products will be developed, giving individuals more options to stay connected and track fitness while staying fashionable. 

Most Trending Wearables

Smart Watch

The most well-known and extensively utilized fitness trackers in the workplace today are most likely smart watches and bands. They are the most popular type of wearable technology, accounting for approximately 60% of the total wearable market.  


Smartwatches can be worn as fitness trackers and entertainment devices, and they provide a wide range of services such as health tracking, GPS, pedometers, social media updates, and much more. 

  • It keeps a log of your exercise activities.
  • It helps track your speed and distance using GPS.
  • It aids in increasing your fitness performance.
  • It may help prevent fitness-related injuries.

The Apple Smart Watch Series 8 is one of the top smartwatches on the market today. Their most recent technology includes temperature sensor technology that can identify women's fertility as well as fever for early COVID-19 signs. It can also suggest the optimum sleeping routine for you based on your sleeping habits. 

Smart Clothing 

Smart clothing is essentially electronic devices that communicate with others using an array of sensors to collect biometric and physical data from the wearer, such as skin temperature and pulse rate. Textiles can be enhanced with metallic fibers, optical fibers, and conductive polymers to provide sensory capabilities, electrical conductivity, and data transmission. 

  • It helps monitor your heart rate.
  • It aids in keeping track of your current health condition.
  • GPS trackers can be used to monitor your location, speed, and distance.
  • It has sensors to monitor air quality and body temperature.

Smart clothing like Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket allows you to control music, screen calls, and get directions with a tap or brush on the cuff of your jacket. Sensoria Fitness Socks monitor foot landing, impact force, calories expended, distance traveled, and steps taken. 

Smart Glasses     

The glasses-like wearables let you view and reply to your smartphone for calls, messages, emails, music, navigation, talking to a voice command, and many more. 


Smart glasses enable the combination of smartphone and computer technology, imaging, and wireless connectivity in eyewear. They may look like ordinary glasses, but these smart wearables allow users to interact with the virtual world around them and experience augmented reality visuals.

  • It improves your vision.
  • It can record your distance traveled.
  • It can be used for communication purposes.
  • It can be used for fitness and entertainment purposes.

Rayban Stories, which can play your favorite tunes and take a few movies while you're out and about, is one of the most popular smart glasses in 2022. It is trendy and may be connected to social media. There is also the Vuzix Blade smart glasses, which are the first self-contained Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses featuring sophisticated waveguide optics for hands-free mobile computing and communication. 

A woman wearing smart glasses shows the gadget's available apps

Smart Jewelry

Fashion and functionality are combined with sophisticated design in smart jewelry, taking technology to a new level of elegance. This smart jewelry can connect to other mobile devices, allowing the wearer to modify the color and brightness to match their mood or correspond with specific clothing.

They are a viable alternative to smartwatches and fitness bands. A smart ring is a wearable electronic device that contains smartphone components such as sensors and Bluetooth chips and is used for a range of applications.

  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • They are eye-catching.
  • It can be used as a fitness and health tracker.
  • They are both useful and stylish.

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban was designed to monitor your stress levels, guide you through meditation, and track your menstrual cycle. The Sharemore Multifunction Smart Necklace lets you take images, send emergency messages, and receive messages.

Smart Hearables

Hearables are smart wireless microprocessors with artificial intelligence that include amplifiers and microphones. They are designed to be worn daily, fit in the ears, and can connect to the internet and other equipment. 

Some tech giants are now selling them as "the future of hearing enhancement," emphasizing their ability to disrupt existing hearing device industries. They can also be used to determine the user's physiological condition as well as their progress status or skill level in any content they are viewing.

  • It is affordable and convenient.
  • They may support real-time translation.
  • It makes sound amplification available.
  • It can track your health.

Oticon Hearing Aids have a wide range of pediatric and adult models that may be connected to televisions, smartphones, and landline phones. The Phonak Hearing Aid is a low-cost hearing aid with the capacity to shut out background noise.

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Key Takeaways

These devices are hands-free gadgets with practical applications that are powered by microprocessors and have the ability to send and receive data via the Internet. Most wearable gadgets let you operate them hands-free, minimizing the need for you to take them out of your pockets.

Wearable technology can assist you in maintaining your health and fitness, but nothing can replace regular physical checkups to keep you updated on your recent health status. Don't hesitate to seek professional assistance if you feel that something is unusual.
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