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The Benefits of Training the Legs

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We get it, there are just days when you feel like skipping leg day. But wait! Before you ignore and totally skip a good leg day workout, hear us out first.

Skipping leg training is absolutely a wrong move, why? Because you will miss out all the amazing benefits that it gives. And we’re not just talking about muscle building benefits here, we’re also talking about overall health and performance. Read here about all the benefits of training the legs:                 


It Makes the Legs Stronger

This may be a little obvious, but it still needs to be stated –  training the legs make them stronger. And we definitely want stronger legs since it can help build our stamina and improve our endurance especially when climbing, running, walking, and biking.  If you are an athlete, having strong legs can also help you perform better. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, triathlon, swimming, stronger legs will take your performance higher.


It Prevents Lower Back Pain         

Back pains are usually caused by weak muscles and to prevent them, experts are suggesting that you need to have a strong core. Through targeted exercises, you can work out your hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and hip flexors to reduce the risk of back pain and lower back injuries.

However, keep in mind that proper form is absolutely important when doing exercises. Doing training improperly can increase the risk of injuries, so instead of preventing back pain, you're actually making yourself more likely to experience it if you forget the proper form!


It Makes Your Body Proportional

A lot of people just focus on their upper body for muscular development, but if you want a proportional physique, then don't forget to work out your legs as well. Also, who doesn't want strong and toned legs?                               


It Burns More Calories

Leg muscles are the body's biggest muscle group. The more you train your legs, the more energy that you need to work them out, and that means that whatever kind of leg workout that you are doing, as long as you are moving them, you will burn more calories.



It Improves Powerlifting Performance                    

If you want to be a powerlifter, then here's another reason why you shouldn't disregard leg exercises. The legs and core produce the majority of the strength and stability needed during heavy lifting. As a matter of fact, weight exercises such as deadlifts (which is also one of the three routines required in powerlifting) strengthens not just the legs and the lower body but also aids in developing overall muscle and mobility. And that’s the reason why powerlifting workout plans don’t just focus on the upper body but on the lower body too.

See? Skip one leg day and you’ll definitely fail to reap all these awesome benefits that we’ve mentioned above.                       

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