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Behind The Lens: 6 Inspiring Nordic Influencers Driving Change and Awareness

Men’s Health Month is the perfect time to recognize masculinity in all of its forms. We have content creators who prove that men can be physically and intellectually manly. Let’s dive into their journey to fitness and how they overcame their personal battles to motivate others to reach their full potential. 

Here are some of the influencers among strongmen and weightlifters who shared their advice on dealing with shortcomings and hardships in their careers. They share their doubts and failures and how they came to realize that strength doesn't have to be only in physique but also in mind. 

These men serve as inspirations for others, motivating them to take on new tasks, push themselves past their comfort zones, and cherish their unique paths as they pursue their own.

John Ranello, one of Nordic Liftings male influencers

John Ranello 

John Ranello is an established fitness expert with a remarkable five decades of training expertise. He encourages young people to commit to a lifelong fitness practice by using his platform as a trainer and influencer.  He's currently working on a book called "Fearless Aging," which is expected to be released later this year. 

The heart-pounding world of fitness has always been John's source of inspiration. He learned about the transformational power of exercise and its positive impact on his overall health as an adolescent. Little did he know how his passion would influence the trajectory of his life.

John has a lifetime of knowledge under his belt and is currently on a mission to motivate people to make fitness a priority in their lives. 

He has found an effective way to feed his body for its best performance. His best advice is to make your own food. John regularly shops at the supermarket, picking himself the freshest fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. He maintains control over his diet through wise, organic food selections to provide his body with the vital nutrients it needs to thrive.

As an He has learned to value the importance of injury prevention through experience. He spends 30 minutes on a thorough warm-up before challenging workouts to get his muscles ready for action and lower the chance of injury. 

John's story of perseverance, determination, and passion in the fitness industry is truly inspirational. Through his platform, he continues to promote health and wellness, inspiring countless individuals to adopt a fearless attitude toward life and fitness.

After all, "God has a plan for all of our lives," as he quoted, "and this is John's." We all have goals. Join John on this amazing adventure and learn that you have limitless potential.

TC Turingan, one of Nordic Lifting's male influencers

TC Turingan 

TC Turingan is a passionate fitness influencer who empowers individuals through his content. He aims to inspire those hesitant to start their fitness journeys while engaging gym enthusiasts. TC creates a space where people can be heard and understood by sharing their experiences with personal development and mental health.

He inspires people to accomplish their goals by being upbeat, being genuine, and having meaningful interactions both online and in person. His true passion for making a difference and serving as a beacon of hope fuels his transformative work.

TC begins his fitness journey with the intention of improving himself and encouraging others. He encourages perseverance by discussing his own growth and flaws, and fosters honesty, which makes it safe and accepting for people to talk about their experiences.

The ultimate objective of TC is to foster an open and welcoming community. Recognizing the potential influence of his development on others, he authentically highlights both successes and failures, providing others with an inspiring perspective on transformation.

He uses efficient time management to strike a balance between vigorous exercise and a balanced lifestyle and being able to balance work, diet, and exercise by dedicating one day per week to planning and organization.

His go-to pre-workout meals consist of steel-cut oats with cinnamon, fresh berries, and monk fruit sweetener. As well as black coffee with coconut oil for morning energy, which gives him the fuel he needs for his workouts.

Prioritizing injury prevention, TC spends 30 minutes warming up with resistance band exercises, conditioning, and stretching before each training session. Gradually increasing weights during warm-up sets ensures focus on form and technique.

He also utilizes supportive gear such as Nordic Lifting knee sleeves and heavy-duty wrist wraps to protect vulnerable areas.

TC emphasizes the value of fitness for general well-being during Men's Health Month. He stresses that powerlifting serves as a means to address life's challenges and find moments of escape and serenity.

"Powerlifting benefits you in more ways than one." This exercise offers physical and mental rejuvenation, revitalizing both body and mind. He highlights the positive powerlifting culture, where like-minded individuals come together for fun, weightlifting, and camaraderie.

He also encourages everyone to embrace the powerlifting journey and reap the positive changes it can bring about in their lives.

Recognizing discipline, establishing goals, and fostering a compassionate community are some of the lessons you can learn from TC's experience. These principles enable individuals to discover their inner strength and undergo exceptional physical and emotional growth.

Artem Belashov, one of Nordic Lifting's male influencers

Artem Belashov

Artem Belashov is a well-known influencer and athletic trainer who encourages people to start their fitness journeys and promotes fitness in general.

His motivational material has inspired many people to start their fitness journeys, as he also emphasizes the possibilities of reaching exercise goals while relaxing at home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artem's journey began when he realized he needed to think outside the box and adjust to unforeseen circumstances. When gyms closed due to the pandemic, he wanted to demonstrate to people that they could still lead healthy lifestyles and maintain physical fitness.

His approach involves challenging the typical gym-only mentality and urging people to think about creative training options.

He is presently quietly working toward his incredible goal of breaking the pull-up world record. Although he withholds the specifics for the time being, he makes the suggestion that he might soon share videos of his record-breaking attempt.

This lofty objective typifies Artem's persistent commitment and enthusiasm for exceeding expectations in the quest for greatness.

Artem places more emphasis on moderation and self-control than on following a strict diet. He stresses balance and discipline while still indulging in treats like soda, pizza, and beer. His ideas encourage striking a balance between enjoying one's favorite foods and practicing restraint in order to achieve targeted physical results.

He warms up before workouts and stretches after to prevent injuries following intensive training. Since he is in his 30s and is aware of the importance of injury prevention, he also prioritizes these techniques for long-term fitness. He warms up before workouts and stretches after to avoid injuries after intense training.

Establishing goals helps Artem remain motivated. Setting attainable objectives enables him to monitor his progress and strengthens his will to work harder each day.

His profession as an instructor and influencer demonstrates the revolutionary power of fitness. Through his platform, he motivates others to think outside the box when it comes to working out, to use their time wisely, and to keep a balanced diet.

He inspires others to create objectives and practice self-discipline in the pursuit of their physical and mental well-being by disclosing his techniques for avoiding injuries and maintaining motivation.

As Men's Health Month progresses, Artem's message of embracing fitness for a healthy and happier life resonates: "Make fitness a part of your life, and you will see exponential changes."

Vince Wilkinson, one of Nordic Lifting's male influencers

Vince Wilkinson

Vince Wilkinson is an army officer and strongman influencer who uses his platform to promote men's health. Being a powerful strongman, he wants to serve as an example for others of what can be achieved no matter where one begins by maintaining discipline and unyielding commitment.   

He was motivated to start his fitness mission by his love of sharing the limitless opportunities found in the gym. Through his platform, he motivates individuals to realize their full athletic potential and equips them with the resources required to meet their fitness objectives.

Vince embodies strength and resiliency and is a living example of what can be accomplished through perseverance and hard work.     

He enjoys and suggests shredded chicken tacos and rice as a quick and satisfying lunch when it comes to diet. In order to make it convenient and perform at its best, he quickly prepares it in a crockpot.

In order to prevent injuries, Vince pays close attention to his body, takes rest days, and maintains proper form even when training hard. He puts safety first and shortens sets when necessary.

He relies on creating realistic goals with timetables to keep him focused and committed to his strongman journey, particularly during difficult times. He maintains a sense of purpose and direction by having these goals set in stone.

Vince's journey is a testament to the incredible power of commitment and continuous dedication to one's own personal development. He says that “Training strongmen will have a positive impact on your overall well-being by pushing you out of your comfort zone.”

This serves as a reminder that you can have the capacity to achieve great things and experience greater well-being. People have the power to transform both their physical bodies and their entire psyches by boldly pushing past the limits of their comfort zones and fearlessly taking on formidable obstacles.

Roy Gonzalez, one of Nordic Lifting's male influencers

Roy Gonzalez      

Roy Gonzalez is a strongman influencer who used his own hardships to motivate others. As a person, who once struggled with anxiety and depression, found comfort in focusing on his physical and emotional health. Through his online platform and connections, he created a safe space where others could openly share their own struggles.

Here’s to exploring Roy's journey from struggle to success and learning the valuable insights he has to offer. 

He began his path to health and wellness six years ago, during a trying period for his mental health that required support from his loved ones and medical professionals to get through these difficulties.

He realized at this point how important it was to prioritize his mental and physical well-being.

Along the way, he overcame several challenges, but his determination and courage got him through. He saw the need for accountability and established a mental health-focused online community where he shared insightful knowledge.

He influenced others to take care of their own mental and physical problems by creating a welcoming environment, with a special focus on the issues that men experience that are seldom addressed.

By participating in sports like Strongman and powerlifting, Roy found a welcoming environment that fosters positive behaviors and encourages personal development.    

The maxim "calories in, calories out" was his go-to guide as he adjusted his intake to meet his objectives. He planned and included a variety of healthy foods to ensure he stayed on schedule while leaving room for treats.

He protected his long-term health by insisting on slow, gradual growth and avoiding overtraining, both of which improved his performance.

By setting priorities and treating your physical and mental health as a vital commitment, you could face significant shifts. As Roy once said, "Try to be a better version of yourself every month, every year, and then that'll be good enough." 

He creates a blueprint for longevity with his pragmatic approach to diets, planned training, and emphasis on progress over results right away.

You, too, may overcome challenges and discover fulfillment on various wellness journeys with perseverance, discipline, and the conviction that you can improve yourself. Let Roy's narrative motivate you to put your health first, promote honest dialogue about mental health, and find your own road to wellness and resilience.

Omid Panahi, one of Nordic Lifting's male influencers

Omid Panahi

Omid Panahi is an established powerlifter who uses his voice to encourage conversation and promote awareness of men's health. With his engaging content and distinctive cinematography style, Omid continues to grow as a creator while inspiring and educating his audience.

By embracing his passion and taking pleasure in his athletic commitments, he successfully strikes a balance between his training and other obligations in life. Omid naturally leads a happy and healthy lifestyle outside of the gym because he views physical activity as a crucial part of his daily life.

He regularly keeps his motivation up while maintaining perspective in trying situations. His profound motivation is sparked by smoothly tying his physical objectives to his larger life ambitions. The gym transforms into a haven where every possibility for introspection and personal development is available.

It's possible to discover your natural strength, discover untapped potential, and allow powerlifting to transform your life in all spheres.

He commits to a planned eating schedule that is adapted to his demands as a registered dietitian technician and nutrition coach. He strongly emphasizes eating whole foods and avoiding highly processed foods. An athlete's best performance is enhanced by prioritizing protein consumption and aiming for one gram per pound of body weight.

Omid values his warm-up exercises, which lower his risk of injury and guarantee the efficacy of his training schedule. 

He is an excellent example of how powerlifting can change a man's life and significantly affect his general well-being. By striking a balance between their interests and lifestyle, men can embrace their natural strength.

They can also fuel their success with mindful eating, reduce injuries with the right warm-ups, and keep their motivation high through discipline and accountability. 

Let Omid's story inspire your journey of self-discovery as you become aware of the immense potential within you and follow his advice to "Try to be a better version of yourself every month, every year, and then that'll be good enough."

Key Takeaway

These men are pioneers of the new masculinity narrative. They embody courage, empathy, and passion to motivate those who share their common goals.

In a society where it is expected of them to display only their power, they took a step and did not hesitate to demonstrate their vulnerability in an effort to encourage others to admit their shortcomings and strive to improve. 

Let's recognize their solid resilience and sincere compassion during this Men's Health Month. Let their experiences inspire us to push our limits, value our individuality, and rethink what it means to be a man.

Share their moving message with others as you join the movement to make yourself healthier and better.   

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