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Stay Fit While Traveling This Holiday Season


Yuletide season has officially begun! Everyone's excited, right? As the weather gets colder, people also get happier, and the ambiance gets fancier.                  

But I'm pretty sure that aside from fancy Christmas dinners and gatherings, and the overflowing array of festive foods, some of us are looking forward to our holiday season travel. The month of December is considered the busiest travel time, with airlines accommodating an increase of 5.2% (2017) of travelers. However, we're not talking about how busy airports are during the holidays; instead, we're here to help you plan your holiday trips, so that you still get to squeeze in your fitness routine and practice a healthy lifestyle wherever you are this Christmas season.

Just because you are living the life and enjoying your vacation doesn't mean that you can totally forget about being fit and healthy. We've listed a few things that will surely keep true to your goals:

1. Work Out on the Road

One of the most common excuses for skipping exercise when traveling is that they don't know where the nearest gym is located. Bringing your heavy gym equipment is also unreasonable when traveling. Who wouldn’t want to pay for an excess baggage fee just for a barbell, right?

But enough excuses; it’s a known fact that there are exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere, without using any kind of equipment. You can always do planking, jumping jacks, push-ups, and bodyweight squats whenever and wherever. You can even consider doing yoga stretches too.       

2. Know Your Drinks                        

It’s hard to say no to alcoholic beverages during the Christmas festivities, but before you indulge, it's always a good idea to know which drink can fit your schedule. For instance, wine and liquor without mixers, when enjoyed slowly, is the healthiest option you can pick. You can have a beer in moderation while avoiding sugary, mixed cocktails at all costs. 

3. Stick with Healthy Food

Of course, it's Christmas, and that means appetizing 'unhealthy' food is something that you can't miss at every party. And if you really can't say no and want to indulge in this type of food, then go ahead, but consider adopting the "never two in a row" rule.   

This rule is basically making sure that you don't eat two bad meals in a row. So, instead of always going for junk foods in every meal, pick mostly veggie dishes, some protein, and then fruits.

4. Make Fitness Your #1 Priority

I know this is old news, but I just can’t help but mention Selena Gomez and how she went around Disneyland wearing ankle weights in 2018; she absolutely made it her personal gym. So, what I want to share here is that it depends on you and your conviction to squeeze in exercise wherever and whenever you can. 

While you may want to enjoy your holiday season differently, being healthy and fit should be your number one priority.

Just because you are traveling doesn't automatically mean that you should also take a vacation from your fitness goals. Now that we've made it doable for you to have fun (and still stay fit) during your travel, make sure to follow those tips listed above.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year and stay healthy during the holidays!          

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