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Start Your Day with Leg Raise Exercises!


Leg raise may be considered as a basic strength training exercise, but you'd be surprised to know that it can provide you with amazing benefits. And no, it's not just limited to toning the abs. 

In this article, let me share with you all the amazing benefits that you'll reap when you do leg raises regularly.

It Strengthens Core Muscles                                                      

This exercise targets the lower abdominal muscles and strengthens them. As recommended by Live Strong, repeating this routine regularly will strengthen the body's hip flexor and abdominal muscles. Repetitions will give you faster results.

When you perform leg raise regularly, you reduce the risk for back injuries, back strain, and back pain while performing other exercises. It also increases the flexibility of the body.

It Improves Stability And Balance

There are plenty of leg raise variations such as the raised curve bar and the chin-up bar. These two leg raise exercises help strengthen your grip, and when you constantly do them, they can also help increase your stability and balance.    

In other words, these leg raise exercises will enable you to carry your body weight and at the same time prevent you from hurting your back.

It Burns Your Calories

Whenever you execute leg lifting, your rectus abdominis gets isolated from your body. And they, of course, tone your muscles and burn 50 to 65 calories for every 10-15 minute leg raise workout. However, for a quicker and much effective result, combine leg lifting exercises with a full strength-training workout and cardio so you get to burn more calories and shape your midsection.

It Will Improve Muscle Tone                          

When you are properly performing your leg raise exercise, you aren't just increasing your stability and core strength, you are also improving muscle tone. 

You've probably heard that leg raising exercises can help you shed off fats in your tummy area and bring out that coveted abs, and yes, frequently engaging in this exercise can help improve your muscle tone. How is that possible?

Leg raising completely isolates the muscle that is responsible for adding tone to your stomach area - the rectus abdominis. So, when you use good form and do several repetitions of leg raise exercises daily, you can definitely maximize the aesthetic benefits that it has to offer.

There are plenty of leg raise exercise variations, so if you want to add challenge in your usual routine, try them!          

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