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Should You Avoid Going to the Gym Because of the COVID-19 Outbreak?

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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic just two days ago (March 11). Last month, they were still cautious about classifying this disease as pandemic because they hadn’t observed rising cases outside China, where it originated. However, the total number of people getting infected and dying from this new disease worldwide is growing day by day which is very alarming and scary.

A lot of countries are taking precautionary measures to help prevent further spread of the coronavirus like closing borders, canceling big gatherings, delaying international flights, limiting public transportation, and recommending people to work from home to name a few. And you’re probably wondering if it’s really safe to hit the gym at this crucial time. Here’s what you need to know and help you to decide if the risk is worth it or not: 

How does Coronavirus spread and how can you get them?

If you’re at the gym or other places and you happen to have a weak immune system and in close proximity to an infected person (usually six feet)  then the possibility of you getting infected by this virus is higher. Even if that person is gone, the respiratory droplets through coughing or sneezing that they left behind can make you sick once you touch your face or mouth after touching dirty surfaces and other infected objects.

How can you prevent it?

One of the best ways to prevent Coronavirus is to avoid crowds, get plenty of rest, eat nutritious foods and take vitamins to boost your immunity.  The terrifying thing about this outbreak is that there’s a chance that you might be in close contact with one or more victims without you knowing. 

According to doctors and other healthcare practitioners,  it takes a while for infected people to show symptoms so it’s best to limit as much human interaction as possible. The incubation period usually takes around one to 14 days. However, some people are asymptomatic, meaning they have no idea the virus is already in their systems since they don’t experience symptoms. 

Aside from limiting person-to-person interaction,  washing your hands with soap frequently and using alcohol to disinfect your hands and other things can go a long way. Using masks is another way to safely filter out and block any unwanted particles that can leave you feeling ill. 

Should you stop going to the gym and working out for now? 

No, we don’t recommend that you completely stop working out just because of the virus. You can still break a sweat and stay physically fit by working out at home. Skipping the gym amid this coronavirus crisis is a good idea but if you still prefer to go to the gym, proceed with caution to reduce your risk of coronavirus. 

We at Nordic Lifting suggest to be vigilant and extra careful since gyms are hotbed for germs and according to Dr. Norman Swan, gyms are the perfect place for the virus to spread because they are full of sweat. But at the end of the day, the answer is really up to you. As long as you’re on top of your hygiene game, you avoid skin-to-skin contact as much as you can, and you know the gym staff are also doing their part to sanitize equipment and maintain overall cleanliness then there’s nothing wrong if you still want to exercise at the gym.



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