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Resisting Sugar Addiction – Here's How You Do It

Fact: Eating too much refined sugar can actually speed up the body's aging process.

And you definitely don't want that to happen, right?

However, it's also kind of hard to resist sugar cravings, especially when you want to reward yourself after a hard day of working out.

Today's article, we will tackle about four ways on how to resist sweet temptations as approved by nutritionists. Here they are:

Choose what you eat

When you can't really say no to sweet foods, choose seasonal sweets instead, or those sweets that you can only get at a specific time of the year like Christmas cookies or pumpkin pies during the Fall. Chocolates are readily available throughout the year, so it's better to crave treats that are only available for a limited time.

However, just because you can only eat them on a specific season or holiday doesn't mean that you can go overboard. Make sure to practice portion control all the time.

Don't Wait Until You're Hungry

Being hungry makes you eat more than what you need to take, and it also makes you crave for more treats. So, for you to avoid being hungry and resist your sugar cravings, you should eat a healthy and balanced meal or snack every three to four hours, that way you won't ever feel hungry. Nutritionists would suggest that the perfect snack and meals to suppress hunger are protein-rich foods such as tuna sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, and even jerky.

Drink Enough Water Daily

Did you know that we easily mistake thirst for hunger? You may think that you are hungry when you are just thirsty, so the next time you reach your cupboard for snacks, consider drinking water first as this might just be a sign of dehydration. You must drink plenty of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. Yes, water, not soda or sugary concentrated juices.

And if you are craving for sweet drinks, infused water is highly recommended. Simply add a slice of your favorite fruits in your water, and it's guaranteed a natural way to lessen sugar cravings.

Motivate Yourself

While other people's encouragement is really motivating, it is also important to push yourself with positivity. Always remind yourself that you are doing this for yourself and that you can do this. Words are absolutely powerful, and by simply convincing yourself that you got this, you will become more determined to resist your cravings for sugar.

We know you got this, and we’re proud of you for taking the initiative towards a healthier life.

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