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Need Some Gym Motivation? Here's How Workout Clothes Can Help


Are you looking for some extra exercise motivation to get off your couch and break a sweat?  

If you’re guilty of telling yourself over and over again that you need to go to the gym, but you end up not doing it until it becomes a habit, then you need to do yourself a favor. Take some time out and start getting rid of those old, baggy gym clothes and replacing them with newer and better-looking gym apparel.  

Why are we recommending this? 

According to the results of a survey among 2,000 regular gymgoers, looking at the part does the trick. The survey revealed that 85 percent of respondents reported feeling more confident to work out by wearing cool-looking gym clothes, while 88 percent of those who are not in the mood feel more motivated to hit the gym just by simply dressing up in their performance apparel.   

Sounds amazing, right? 

79 percent said that simply owning the right training clothes and wearing this activewear is a crucial step for them to meet exercise-related goals, while 90 percent said that they were more likely to be intense with their workouts and push themselves harder if their performance-based gym clothes were on point. In addition to this, it’s not surprising that 80 percent of people who gave their gym performance a 10/10 are the ones who work out in their awesome gym clothes and shoes. 

The data gathered from the survey showed that workout clothes do help increase one’s motivation. So, if you don’t have enough motivation to go to the gym, then it definitely won't hurt you to shop for some amazing workout clothes that will accentuate your curves and show off your best body parts.    

When you look good, you feel good  

Everyone deserves to look and feel good, and here at Nordic Lifting, we believe that there’s no harm in wanting to look nice during your workouts. If you feel like using the right workout clothes will give you more motivation to drag yourself to the gym and go hard with your gym routine, then go ahead and take advantage of it.

Our company is all about promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle, and we want to motivate and encourage a lot of people out there to not be afraid to invest not only in kickass weightlifting products/accessories but some wonderful gym apparel as well.

A popular motivational speaker named “Zig Ziglar” said that ”Motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing and this is why we recommend it daily." 

We believe that this quote from him is related to working out as well. So, if ever the time comes when you’re motivated and driven one day and not feeling it the next day, then don’t hesitate to put on your brave face and wear your workout clothes.

If Mr. Ziglar recommends bathing daily, then we’re not against wearing attractive gym clothes for some motivational boost every time you need or want to go to the gym.

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