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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Gift Ideas for Lifters

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Running out of ideas on what to give your fitness aficionado friend or family member this Christmas? Then you've come to the right place!

While it's pretty much easy to pick gifts for a mom who loves cooking, a dad who loves gardening, or someone who is into techie stuff, gym rats are another story. You see, they don't need much. Also, there's just plenty of things to consider –  their diet, their training styles, and many more. In other words, they're trickier to buy a present.

But we got your back! In this article, we've broken down a list of gift ideas that are just the perfect thing to wrap for someone who is a fitness fanatic.

Ankle Compression Sleeves

It’s easy to show that you care with this pair of comfy ankle compression sleeves. It’s the perfect gift because it comes super handy during training and even after training.

These sleeves, when worn,don't just prevent muscle injuries and sprains, they also help heal them. They control swelling, promote good blood circulation and treat sprains. Who wouldn't love that, right?

Kinesiology Tape

I’m sure whoever receives this will remember you as someone who pays extra attention.

What’s a kinesiology tape, you ask?

Well, it's a helpful item that helps rehabilitate joints and muscles (from working out, etc.) It reduces muscle pain and discomfort and provides muscle and joint support as well.

Wrist Weights/Ankle Weights

These wearable weights are dual-purpose and they work like magic – even Hollywood celebrities are obsessed with them! They can either be worn on the ankles or wrists.

These weights promote the idea of increasing strength and resistance – even if you're just doing a basic run or even simply your household routine. Functional, fun, and effective –  that's how gym buffs like their gifts.

Elbow Sleeves

A pair of elbow sleeves is also another well-thought gift for lifters or gym buffs. These sleeves work like magic - they prevent injury and relieve elbow pains - pushing you to go further.

Who wouldn’t appreciate receiving this?

Wrist Wraps

Aside from being helpful in both lifting weights and gaining, I’m recommending these wrist wraps because their prints are also stylish! Who says fitness gears aren’t fashionable?

Weightlifting Shoes

Not all shoes are made equal. For instance, Venja is specifically designed with weightlifters in mind. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive something that was specially made for them – for their passion?

I’m pretty sure they’ll be on cloud nine when they receive this!

Hohoho! Hope this list helped you figure out your next Christmas gifts! 

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