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Fish Oil Supplements for Bodybuilding: Should You Take Them?

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You have probably heard about one or two benefits of fish oil at some point in your bodybuilding journey but never really gotten the chance to try these supplements out. If you’re still a little bit apprehensive and haven’t decided if it’s for you, then keep reading because we will share with you ,guys, the awesome reasons why you should take them.  

It helps you lose those unwanted fats.


The University of South Australia conducted a 12-week test that was published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” stating that fish oil supplements do help cut down fat. The researchers concluded that these supplements can help bodybuilders lose body fat after giving the fish oil and non-fish oil groups, six and zero grams respectively of fish oil per day.


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The former had better results after the test because participants lost an average of 1.2 percent of body fat and an average of four pounds per person, compared to their non-fish oil counterparts with no reduction in body fat percentage and body weight at all.  

It helps lower blood pressure.

The mere fact that bodybuilders like you perform high-intensity workouts makes you guys at risk for high blood pressure as these type of workouts are stressful on the body. Aside from that, you also tend to consume a lot of red meat, which is linked to rising blood pressure levels. You certainly don’t want that so taking fish oil supplements will be beneficial to help decrease blood pressure levels and reduce your chances of inflicting heart disease, stroke, and other blood pressure-related disease.

It helps with inflammation and injury prevention.

Bodybuilders know exactly that suffering from injuries is part of the journey. Sometimes unfortunate things happen no matter how hard you guys try not to commit accidents. This is where fish oil supplements will come into the equation. Research has shown that these supplements are effective in alleviating joint pain and body inflammation.

It helps you feel less irritable/cranky.


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Fish oil supplements can help support your mood, according to research. These supplements boost the production of “feel-good hormones” called serotonin which is the reason why bodybuilders who take fish oil are calmer and more relaxed after their intense workouts.

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Taking fish oil supplements is something that a lot of bodybuilders have already started taking and if you happen to be part of the group who haven’t tried it out yet then it’s about time you join the bandwagon and reap the wonderful benefits that fish oil supplementation can do for your mood and body.

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