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Everything You Need to Know About Push-ups


Push-up is considered as a traditional calisthenics exercise. From beginners to experts, everyone has had a taste of maintaining core while pressing up and down. And over the years, it has been incorporated with gym equipment such as kettlebell, dumbbell, and even wall ball, making a classic routine even challenging.    

Today's article, we want to share with you everything that you need to know about it, including proper form. But before that, did you know that the most number of push-ups done in 30 minutes is 2,345 push-ups? This world record feat was executed by Rolf Heck from Germany. Can you beat this record?

Performing a push-up is easy, but before you kneel on an exercise mat and start your rep, here are some tips that you should follow to make sure that you are executing it properly.

Straighten Your Back

When performing a push-up, the first thing that you should remember is to straighten your back. See to it that you lift or sag your hips. Your body should be a straight line from the head down to the toe.

Keep your Entire Feet Together

A lot of people don't give attention about how their feet should be positioned, and this results in sloppy form. Be reminded to place your entire feet together when doing a push-up.

Your Head Should Be Lifted

Although it's hard to lift your head while also doing the routine, this is essential to extend straight out from the spine. Additionally, when you don't lift your head and just keep it dropped, it's harder to get down low and it makes it harder to breathe.

Additional Tip: The Push-up Rhythm

For beginners, the usual rhythm that is followed is to lower the body slowly, and push up quickly (DOWN SLOW, UP FAST). If you want a more challenging routine, this advanced rhythm is harder to do. This is also what you need to do if you want to break push-up records. Go down fast, go up fast. It may seem easy to picture out, but do remember that it's harder to push yourself up back.

Now that you know about the proper push-up form, let's now proceed to the benefits:

  1. It enhances your flexibility by stretching the back muscles and biceps. This of course can help prevent injury, and at the same time give your muscle a solid and appealing look.
  2. It improves your cardiovascular system, supporting a healthy heart while also reducing stored body fat.
  3. When done properly, push-ups can help improve your posture. Push-ups strengthen and enhance the muscle that supports proper posture.
  4. It's an effective and efficient full body workout. Thus, you don't have to hit a gym (if it's not in your budget), because by simply doing push-ups, you are already working major and minor muscle groups.

Make the most of your quarantine and start your push-up journey today!


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