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Burpees - Awesome, Intense, and Powerful Exercise

If you look at it, burpees are absolutely easy to perform, it's fun to execute, and guess what! It's also loaded with a lot of benefits!

We’ve enumerated these awesome benefits, so make sure to start your day with burpees:

It Burns A Lot of Calories

Burpees may look like a fun, simple exercise, but it is actually an intense full-body exercise. In other words, it burns a lot of calories, making your body a fat-burning machine.

Researchers have even concluded that burpees and other high-intensity exercises can burn up to 50% more body fat than other moderate exercises. Additionally, burpees speed up your metabolism all day long – in other words, even after your burpee exercise is done, you'll still get to burn more calories.

Tip: If you really want to lose weight, you might want to replace your elliptical machine workout with some burpees.

It's Perfect for Conditioning the Body

Burpees are the perfect routine for developing endurance and conditioning the body. They also get your heart rate speed up, And by the way, burpees are also great for people who want to get in shape as quickly as possible.

No Equipment Needed

Another great thing about burpees is that you don't really need any kind of equipment for you to be able to perform. So, it’s more convenient to do since you don’t have to bring any kind of equipment or hit the gym just to be able to do it. All you need is a little space and you’re ready to get down on your knees and start performing burpees.

It's An Amazing Cardiovascular Workout

If you don't have a lot of space for your cardio equipment, then consider doing burpees instead. As I have mentioned earlier, this awesome exercise gets the heart rate pumping. By simply performing a few sets of burpees, your heart and lungs are guaranteed to work hard in just a short period of workout.

It Engages Your Core 

Apart from being a full-body workout, burpees are also considered as a core workout. To ensure proper form when executing burpees, the core should be engaged throughout the entire movement; in other words, burpees target the core as well.

It's definitely hard to find an exercise as powerful and as intense as burpees. They target the whole body, help you progress with your shape, strengthen your core, and allow you to do cardio without the need to run or buy cardio equipment.

It’s time for burpees!           

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