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Build Muscle With These Effective Tricep Exercises

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Building huge arms takes a lot of hard work but a lot of people still think that they can achieve that by just focusing on their biceps. However, triceps make up 60%+ of our arms and just like back muscles, it is often overlooked and it’s something that needs to be worked on too to help you build the massive guns of your dreams. So if you want to know some of the most effective tricep exercises out there that can help you out with your mass-building arm efforts then keep reading this article to find out. 

1. Tricep pushdowns

If you’re aiming to target the lateral head and long head of your triceps then this exercise is something that you need to do. Pushdowns not only develop the lateral head of your triceps and make your upper hand look wider but it stretches your arms as well. This makes it easier to have that distinct shape from the side arm since this exercise helps to highlight and accentuate it. 

2. Close-grip EZ bar skull crusher        

If you’re looking for a way to tone and strengthen your upper arm back side triceps then this exercise, which is also known as ”lying triceps extensions skull crushers” is a fantastic way to achieve that. This is considered one of the most effective tricep muscle group exercises as it performs movement from your elbows up to that large, flat muscle covering the width of the middle and lower part of your back. If you’re a fan of variations,  you can also do this using your favorite dumbbells or add a super set of your choice like close-grip bench press. 

3.Dips behind the back

If you prefer a simple version of the dip that’s capable of building arm and shoulder strength then this is something worth doing. It’s easier to pull off especially for strength training rookies of all sizes who like the convenience of being able to workout everywhere they go. On top of that, it activates your tricep muscles so this exercise is worth recommending.         

4. Overhead high pulley triceps extensions

If you want denser long head muscles and larger triceps then this tricep extension variation is something that you need to incorporate in your workouts. You will be able to build the muscles of your triceps and strengthen it at the same time by doing this amazing isolation exercise that effectively targets the posterior of your upper arm

5. Dumbbell triceps kickbacks

This is one of those exercises that help increase tricep strength and make it easier for you to use your upper body strength in daily activities, such as bringing heavy grocery items and sports such as rowing. Doing dumbbell tricep kickbacks will help stabilize your joints, bring shoulder and elbow stability and help with movement and flexibility. 



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